Basic printer advice please

  NoBob 20:37 01 Jan 2009


My Canon i250 is on its last legs, and I need a basic printer to replace it. Something not new, so there are third party cartridges available. No bigger than 20-25 cms front to back (it sits on a shelf.) I've read good things about the MP610 but it's more than I need. I already have a scanner and and don't print photos.

Any recommendations?

  Pamy 23:19 01 Jan 2009

Go look at Asda and Tesco

  NoBob 23:46 01 Jan 2009

I have. Anyone else, please? Looking for some feedback, recommendations from users, not just specs.

  mehtdosa11 14:22 02 Jan 2009

personally, i'd go for an hp deskjet. they seem to go on for years and the ink cartridges can be refilled at those cartridge shops without too much trouble. i had a lexmark z735 for a while, printed well and was very cheap to buy..but very costly to run! used to go through cartridges like anything. it only had one, as opposed to a separate black and colour one. i think the cheapest printers sometimes ending costing more in the long run, so it depends how much you actually use it for printing.
epsons used to go through printer heads pretty quickly as i remember but i haven't had one for a while.
i currently use an hp deskjet f4180 which has a scanner as well, which you don't need of course. it was only £40 though!!

  jaraba 21:09 03 Jan 2009

Although you dont need a scanner Currys are selling an Epson printer/scanner/copier for £29.35.
Uses 3 colour cartridges & 1 black all of which can be bought cheaply on the internet.
I personally use click here

  jaraba 21:11 03 Jan 2009

I also use a HP 940C & I get the cartridges for it from click here as well.
Its cheaper from them than the cartridge refill shop nera me.

  bobbybowls 01:56 04 Jan 2009

go to tesco's get a cheap printer that has separate carts for the colours as this is less wasteful on ink. then buy cheap carts from click here

  Simsy 08:30 04 Jan 2009

that you don't print photos. Do you need colour? If not then a cheap laser might be suitable.

My sister got one last summer, a cheap,(approx £50), Samsung, the ML-2150, and it's been brilliant. The supplied toner cart lasted for nearly 1200 pages, (1000 is the nominal number), and replacements, (including compatibles), are supposed to last for 3000. Compatible replacements are about £30,meaning that running costs are low.

From what I can make out that model is no longer current, and a similar model is the 2240;
click here

Now I know this is slightly deeper than you had indicated, but it might be worth a look if you can make the shelf deeper.

Apologies if this isn't a "goer"



  Tazfan 11:55 06 Jan 2009

No matter what printer you buy, you will struggle to beat click here on quality of service/product, and price. Give them a try. I use them and find them brilliant.

  NoBob 21:38 06 Jan 2009

Thanks for all the recommendations and suggestions. Lots of good ideas. I'll check out the online stores. Although the laser printer is a good idea - hadn't considered that - I'd prefer a printer with colour printing capability. Perhaps get on a buy one this weekend.

  trikadoc 13:09 07 Jan 2009

this is not much of a reccomendation or any ifo i just wanna say good luck on buying your new printer, obviously you are in the stage of or were in the stage of costs etc, but dont think just about the printer and its functions but also regard the after sales service you will get, its no good buying a decent printer and if it goes faulty your stuck against the wall of no hope. also read reviews and forums regarding the after sales service of the manufacture, anyways. good luck with buying a new printer and lets hope the new year will be nice and colourful. =þ

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