Base unit £750 max. budget, any ideas

  g40 18:31 03 Apr 2004

I'm so fed up looking, anyone any good ideas, so many pc's so many manufacturers.

  byfordr 19:09 03 Apr 2004

Mesh, Evesham, Dell (All of these should be available without monitors)

Just order a base unit yesterday from these guys
click here very pleasantly surprised at the spec for the price, very customisable. Know a few friends who have them with no problems.


  mikef. 19:32 03 Apr 2004

Novatech click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:55 03 Apr 2004

Aldi+Medion=no competition.


  rickf 20:01 03 Apr 2004

The latest Aldi £749. No can compete these specs.

  VEG 20:06 03 Apr 2004

You should still be able to order one from an Aldi store until the 10th April

  zebbydog 20:07 03 Apr 2004

I agree great buy i bought the last offer

  Totally-braindead 20:29 03 Apr 2004

Have to agree with Gandalf, rickf, VEG and zebbydog I've built about 20 or so computers now for self and friends. I've looked at the spec and I can't buy the bits at that price. Very good system for the money.

  Patr100 21:55 03 Apr 2004

I am a happy owner of the latest Medion offer. A review in ComputerActive says you can reserve one up to April 10th so maybe try asking at your local store if you have one near to see if that is possible.

If I hadn't bought that I would almost certainly have gone to these fellas for my new base unit. click here
I haven't used them but their website offers very good customising specs at good prices so you could certainly get something for around £750 so you are not paying for loads of stuff you don't need, as my initial limit was only going to be around that figure.

  soy 22:57 03 Apr 2004

I was at Aldi yesterday and there was still a medion desktop and a gericom lapton computers available. If you live near Tottenham, maybe you can pop in and get a medion.

  briggsy 02:51 04 Apr 2004

You can still order a aldi/medion pc instore up to the 10th of April. But it will not be delivered untill after the 13th of April.

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