Barred from LIDL - Any redress?

  Mcfearty 11:49 03 Dec 2005

When I complained to the manageress of my local LIDL about the shop opening 12 minutes late, and stated that I would be complaining to the head office, I was told I was not being allowed into the shop. The manageress refused to give me her name or the name and address of a person I could complain to about her attitude. She said she wouldn't tolerate the manner in which I spoke to her.

When I went into the shop and filled my own personal shopping trolley, the sales assistant would not serve me, and she and the managaress threatened to call the police station (which is right next door) to have me put out of the shop if I didn't leave. I had no alternative but to dump my purchases and leave the shop.

I have been told I am barred. I have been totally humiliated in front of other customers.

Do I have any redress?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:51 03 Dec 2005

Seems like a lot of over reactions on the part of more than one person.

You can write to head office and make a complaint - can't see it getting you very far though.

Or you can put it down to a bad experience, leave it a few days and go in - if you don't do anything, it's unlikely that they will either.

  anchor 11:57 03 Dec 2005

If the facts are as you state, and you were not rude, now is the time to complain to HO.

Do this preferably in writing, addressed to the Chief Executive. She is an employee, not the shop owner.

  €dstowe 12:09 03 Dec 2005

There is no obligation on the part of a shop to serve any customer and unpleasant and stupid (on her part) as this whole affair seems to be, the manageress was within her rights to do what she did.

Do you have any witnesses able to back up your experience? If you don't then your word against hers isn't going to go very far unless, of course, there have been other complaints about her.

Register your dissatisfaction by all means but don't expect miracles and even if you are allowed back in the store, think how unpleasant shopping there will be. Remember there are other supermarkets available.

  Forum Editor 12:17 03 Dec 2005

I would not have thought the fact that a shop opened 12 minutes late to be worth making a fuss.

You have no redress - the manager of the shop was perfectly within her rights, and I'm afraid your humiliation is something you'll have to come to terms with.

  PaulB2005 12:34 03 Dec 2005

Unfortunately i have to agree. You are not automatically entitled to entry into a shop nor does it have to open on time. As the husband to a retail manager i know some of the pressures shops are under at this time of year and indeed all year round.

A store might open late for a variety of reasons and the manager will not have taken this decision lightly. Almost certainly they will need to explain why it was open late to there immediate manager so the act will not go un-noticed. The main reasons will ones of Health and Safety, unsecured cash on the premises or under-staffing. A manager can't open a store if a H&S risk exists or if there is a problem with the cash and staff. Also if there is less than the required number of staff available then they might also have to remain closed until extra staff can come in to cover the shortage.

The list goes on....

The decision to ban you would also not have been taken lightly either. You have to be aware that many stores have now clamped down on the abuse of their staff. They are not as lenient as they used to be and with good cause as a recent stabbing in a local store over a refused refund shows.

I suspect that complaining to the manager didn't get you banned but that you started the threaten the manager with a complaint to the Head Office did get you banned. If you have already stated you are going to complain further any competent manager would only ban if they felt they had good reason to. They are not going to risk "action from above" by banning someone for no reason.

Remember the Store manager will have to justify this action as in the current retail climate every lost sale bit of bad publicity is taken seriously.

Complain all you like and maybe you will get redress, but make sure you didn't aggravate the situation in the first place.

  Starfox 12:40 03 Dec 2005

You could have been barred from a respectable supermaket! :o)

  €dstowe 12:48 03 Dec 2005

Starfox has a good point.

I have been in a LIDL store only once, in France. That was enough for me. I don't imagine the UK stores are any better.

  SG Atlantis® 12:48 03 Dec 2005

12 minutes late?

and it's 3 weeks before Christmas, do you have any idea of the pressure shops are under?

Here's an example. are sales are the highest in the company, we lifted more money in one day than some stores do in a week. Our opening hours have been extended to 9pm every night and head office of our company (not lidl by the way) have cut the hours budget!

12 minutes late?

give them a break!

  jakimo 13:17 03 Dec 2005

on a recent visit to my local LIDL store a customer who in a cool, calm and collective manner was complaining about a faulty product his daughter had purchased from the store (he had proof of purchase in his hand).

The manager said he could not do anything about the problem,refused to give his name,the address of the head office,or a telephone contact number.The customer left saying he would contact the OFT.

I was in the store to view a digital camera offer,needless say say I left empty handed

  amonra 13:56 03 Dec 2005

Get a life, as FE said earlier, what's 12 minutes in a lifetime. You wait longer than that for a bus or train.

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