Bargain buy??

  kad60 17:37 08 Feb 2013

I have found a HP Elitebook running W7 Ultimate,secondhand, checked it over and everything appears ok,comes with a one year warranty.Previous owner returned laptop to factory spec so no 'bloat', seems ideal for travelling,fairly light,powerful (i7tm), small hdd (?) (160gb) but external can solve that issue and 12 inch screen..

Any one use or have used this particular model (2540p),other thoughts welcome,undecided but do need reliable small laptop to go away with,netbook awful, tablet not suitable.The laptops security measures are a plus.

Asking £390.!!or purchase something new.

Your input appreciated.

  kad60 18:05 08 Feb 2013

Should have put a link in,this is one reviewbuy or not to buy

  rickf 18:55 08 Feb 2013

I use the dm1 with a 11.6 screen and it's very good. Not exactly the same model but comparable I think.

  kad60 21:17 08 Feb 2013

john lewisThought about that model,ideal size, spec quite basic,if they had chosen a more powerful processor,seems in reviews to be not much more than a Pentium, it would make a good buy,an extra £60-70 for the Elite looks good.Thanks.

  Forum Editor 23:06 08 Feb 2013

This machine's big advantage is its build quality; it's an ideal travelling notebook because it was built to stand the inevitable wear and tear of a business life.

Provided you are happy with the condition it's in you could do a lot worse.

  kad60 07:00 12 Feb 2013

Read a few reviews and gets good marks so i chanced it and bought.As FE said,build is very good light and mobile,HDD bit naff,5'400rpm and 1.8 inch but can use 2 HDD's for a raid setup,fingerprint reader,small light by webcam to shine on keyboard,touchpad and keyboard have a great 'feel', overall impressed.

Now in the 'knocking on wood stage'.!!!

  kad60 18:32 22 Feb 2013

Spoke too soon,hardware wise the model is very good,only drawback is hdd (slow) and 1 key not working correctly (WWW symbol).

Main issue is this,Installed OS is 7 Ultimate, recieved message to activate so used product key on COA label and got a "this key is not valid with this version" message, closer inspection showed that original OS was 7 Pro.

Previous owner or seller installed not sure.

One e-mail later recieved reply,go to MS download package(?) and new key or return to rectify.Hmmm !!!

Definately keeping the laptop so Tech Help next, some queries and ideas i want to put to you all.

  chub_tor 19:26 22 Feb 2013

You can legally download Win7pro from here and use the original COA.

  kad60 08:20 23 Feb 2013

Thanks for the link chub tor (no idea regards the underline) downloaded and burned what next ? never done this before.Had considered doing a recovery if the partition has not been erased by the Ultimate install,i think before progressiing in this way i shall do the recovery to factory default.

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