Barclays bank, like hacking into NORAD,

  wolfie3000 20:44 27 Jul 2010

Tried to view my bank account online today but they seem to require about 100 different code numbers just to log in.
12 digit number, passcode, card details, memorable word, e-mail, the list goes on.

GOD DAMMIT Barclays all I want to do is see how much is in my account.

after half an hour I gave up.

I can understand they want it secure but why make it so its like hacking into NORAD with all these numbers and passwords you need to remember.

Phoning them up to sort it out is even worse, wait 20 minutes then they ask you your life story and if you get one detail wrong they hang up on you.
Way to go Barclays.

  MAT ALAN 21:20 27 Jul 2010

surname, membership no. last 4 digits of me card, pinsentry and i'm in.

4 blocks to fill, two minutes....

  wolfie3000 21:24 27 Jul 2010

Well i dunno, its just way over complicated to me, I cracked the cipher on another thread within 14 minutes,

click here

But Barclays sign in is beyond me.

  MAT ALAN 21:30 27 Jul 2010

mine is that simple not sure why your's should be so diferent...

Do you use pin sentry, that might be the diference...
click here
it's a huge boost to online security

  BT 08:06 28 Jul 2010

is the way to go as MAT ALAN says.
If you don't have or want it you can ask the computer to remember your log in details and then you only have to put in the requested digits from your password.

I recommend you get PINsentry though, it makes it so much more simple and secure. You can request it online and will get it through the post in just a few days.

  Kevscar1 08:18 28 Jul 2010

way to go have the comp keep passwords so any passing hacker can find them.

My banks simple user no password then pick the correct 3 from your memorable info

  BT 08:53 28 Jul 2010

Barclays doesn't keep the passwords, only your account no. Been using it for 7/8 years now with no problem.

  spuds 12:18 28 Jul 2010

Been having problems with payment to Barclaycard via Barclays bank and Visa verification for the past three months. Contacted all three, and was informed that nothing was wrong with their systems, but "We are investigating".

Welcome to internet banking :O(

  AroundAgain 23:02 28 Jul 2010

Is this the first time you have accessed your accounts on line? In which case, yes, you do need to enter a lot of security data, but once you have set it up, it's straight forward entering your membership number, using PinSentry requiring your PIN and that's about it.

Like Mat Alan and BT say, PinSentry is the way to go. With the correct keystrokes as per requested, it doesn't take long to access your accounts.

I wouldn't want to be using any other login system which was 'simple' as it would suggest hackers could also access your accounts. I prefer a secure method.

I use Barclays for internet banking frequently and don't have a problem.

  ronalddonald 07:22 29 Jul 2010

go to an atm and use your card to see the balance.

  ronalddonald 07:23 29 Jul 2010

I still dont trust internet banking

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