Banks "Which one is best"

  tein 09:31 11 Sep 2009


My brother has just called me & he wants to open up a Current account online but there isnt hardly any thats offering to open online the other issue is that he's a student & most of the banks are asking for employment details.? does this mean he wont be able to open a account.?


  anniesboy 09:37 11 Sep 2009

Try Nationwide. I'm sure most banks, especially at this time of year offer student accounts

  jack 10:34 11 Sep 2009

One of the mostly highly rated along with its parent Co Operative Bank.

  lofty29 10:55 11 Sep 2009

Alliance and Leicester operate a online only account, dont know about students though, at one time most banks were heavily touting for student accounts giving all sorts of freeby's, and most banks nowadays offer online facilities.

  oresome 11:10 11 Sep 2009

Best for what?

Decide on what's important and then compare.

Does your brother need a local branch and a friendly face or good internet access?

Interest paying current account or cheap overdraft facilities?

etc, etc.

  keef66 11:42 11 Sep 2009

I thought most banks were happy to open current accounts for students, offering them free overdrafts, iPods and student railcards? Or was that before the financial crisis?

Not sure about the on-line bit though. Can't he pop into a high st branch to open an account then administer it online thereafter? That's what our eldest son, now a student, did.

  oresome 12:01 11 Sep 2009

Money laundering rules now make it less than straightforward to open any bank account even as an existing customer.

I gave up when trying to add an account. Getting a person with professional standing to verfy the paperwork was too onerous. It was easier to accept 0.2% less interest and go elsewhere.

  Clapton is God 12:56 11 Sep 2009

All banks offer current accounts specifically aimed at students and they come with a range of freebies such as reduced rail travel and free overdrafts for 4 or 5 years. They also offer online banking.

All your brother needs to do is wander into a local branch and open it there.

No bank will open an account online because they'll need to see proper (paper) ID before doing so.

As the father of 2 students, I reckon NatWest has the best offering.

  birdface 13:09 11 Sep 2009

I am with Clapton is God on this.I think you would need to make a personal appearance at the Bank.

If I was a bank manager I would expect new customers to come into the bank with all of there details including proof of identity.

  Stuartli 13:22 11 Sep 2009

The Alliance and Leicester offers the opportunity to open an account on-line:

click here

However, a current account is perhaps best opened at the nearest branch of whichever bank is chosen, which also has a branch near wherever he studies (no doubt there will be a need at times to take in cheques or other items).

After that the bank's on-line service can be used.

Some info:

click here

  oresome 13:34 11 Sep 2009

The Alliance and Leicester is the very bank I gave up on when trying to add an account.

Applying on line is only the first step.

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