Bank Problems

  Mark5001 11:35 08 Aug 2010

I am having a nightmare with my bank. I am finding that after making debit card payments the money is coming off my balance as it should, but a day or so later I check my balance to find that is has gone for a second time. Now the bank admits this is a known problem and has refunded me the cash, but it is very annoying and time wasting for me. Has anyone else suffered this? And if so how did you get it sorted out?

  daytimers82 13:29 08 Aug 2010

I take your doing online banking something

I will never trust it until its foolproof because the banks make vast amounts of profit and should be able to deal and make problems like this hard to happen.

Something that should of been sorted out by now where in 2010

  Mark5001 14:25 08 Aug 2010

Yes i have a premiere direct account with overdraft etc. It is totally online banking. I don't trust it either but it's what i have and i have to make the most of it, having tried other banks and being told to go away whilst they are laughing at me. I built this account from a basic account to what i have now (bad credit in the past).

  spuds 16:34 08 Aug 2010

If the bank admits that it is a known problem, have they informed you as to what they are doing about it?.

If this is likely to lead to debt, then contact your local trading standards who would have information of who to contact for further advice.

Martin Lewis is the guy who likes these sort of challenges to deal with click here perhaps worth getting in touch with him!.

  hastelloy 16:51 08 Aug 2010

I get the impression that your Bank is Santander. If it is, you could email their CEO [email protected]. I find that this gets things sorted.

  961 17:09 08 Aug 2010

Change Bank!

  Mark5001 17:36 08 Aug 2010

Spot On!! Well a recently aquired UK bank anyway. Alliance & Leicester.

I'll do that Thanks.

  flycatcher1 19:19 08 Aug 2010

My experience of Santander has been, and continues to be, diabolical. They cannot organise a party in a brewery.
Bring back B&B I say.
First Direct is Excellent.

  morddwyd 20:45 08 Aug 2010

Aren't all banks controlled by the FSA?

They've tightened up their act since the Northern Rock debacle, and I would make a formal complaint if I were you.

  hastelloy 00:19 09 Aug 2010

I agree with flycatcher1 as far as Santander is concerned - they (as Alliance & Leicester) lost my savings for almost 3 months so I couldn't access my own money and I've had several rows with them since. Antonio Horsa-Osorio responds very quickly to emails - not personally but via his senior staff.

  flycatcher1 10:27 09 Aug 2010

I will be more specific about Santander.
How about sending a card and later a pin number to the wrong address?
It appears to be impossible to get the organisation to get it right. I think that their main computer must have been supplied by Alan Sugar!

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