Bags for Life

  Covergirl 12:43 01 Oct 2010

I have just noticed the "Bag for Life" has been replaced with the recyclable multi use bag.

Not much wrong with this I hear you say, but now we are having to "buy" when we need a new bag, whereas a bag for life was "replaced" when it became worn.

Has anybody else noticed this, or am I the only skinflint on here :) ?

  961 12:52 01 Oct 2010

The whole bag thing is a mess

My granny and my mother always went shopping with a bog of their own. Potatoes and sprouts (loose), sugar, flour, all went in the bag. Eggs, would you believe, were in a paper bag.

Then came the supermarket. Bags for free. I've never taken a bag when I went shopping (But then men don't, do they?)

All of a sudden we have to save the planet. Bags have got thinner and thinner until we are implored at the till to "double them up" for anything heavy or containing liquid

How ridiculous.

The bags for live, or multi use, still get left at home and it's really not until there's a penny or twopenny charge for plastic bags that the number used will fall

But of course the first supermarket to do it will lose trade

  961 12:53 01 Oct 2010

bag of course. The bog was down the garden

I had to laugh!!

  spuds 19:26 02 Oct 2010

Not sure about other parts of the country, but most of the supermarkets in my area leave cardboard boxes near the checkouts, for customers to use.

I suppose this saves the store their recycling quota?.

  Jameslayer 21:15 02 Oct 2010

I always forget my bag and the big supermarkets should get toeather and agree to charge for bags at the same time.

  jaraba 00:19 03 Oct 2010

Givving my age away, but I can remember when shops charged for their bags.
Everyone turned them inside out because they disagreed to paying to advertise those shops.

  BT 08:45 03 Oct 2010

Same here!!
I can recall when supermarket bags were brown paper carrier bags which they charged for and rarely made it home without the handles coming off. These were followed by plastic carrier bags which were if I remember correctly charged at 3d(old money) for thick ones and 1d(old money) for thin ones. This was followed by free thin ones and charged for thick ones.

Why not just buy a few of the better quality supermarket bags - about 35p each - which last for years. We're still using some Sainsbury's and Tescos ones which are well over 5 years old and are used every week.

  The Kestrel 09:26 03 Oct 2010

jaraba and BT, if you want to indulge in nostalgia, go to Llidl. They charge for their bags and have a range of different sizes and thicknesses available.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:38 03 Oct 2010

I suppose it would be too much to ask those who fret over this to take their own bag or, I know I'm being cavalier here, buy a sturdy one that lasts for years?......Thought it might be, self-responsibility is so taxing for some.


  spuds 12:23 03 Oct 2010

Personally, I get fed up with Tesco's green point system on using your own bags or containers. At our local Tesco supermarket, you always need to remind the checkout people, and even then you are not sure if the points have been added ( I have brought this subject up with the managerial staff, with little interest from them). Loading straight into the trolley, and stating that you have boxes (which you should get extra points) in the car, always seems to lead to suspicion and possible extra security checks :O(

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