Bad/Good companies.....

  Ginge1980 18:58 10 Jan 2007

Your opinion please.......
Got a mate who wants to buy a new computer and has asked my opinion... bla...bla.
My last machine was bought from golden electronics and I've been very happy with the whole experience (12 moths ago), looking into it there has been some bad reviews about this company so i've stalled on pointing him that way!
What companies have you used to purchase PC's and are you satisfied?
Cheers all

  Joe R 19:10 10 Jan 2007

click here

The best.

  pavvi 19:24 10 Jan 2007

Difficult one that one, because yhou will find a multitude of strong opinions edither way on a lot of companies on this forum, it all dcepends on what your friend needs: does he need a powerful games machine or is he simply going to be tinkering about on word processing and the odd email?

It's horses for courses to be honest, so you need to say whether your friend needs a racing stallion or is happy with a workhorse that is reliable but slower

  Zaphod 3 19:59 10 Jan 2007

From personal experience I must agree with Joe R they may not be the cheapest but the aftersales and support (should you need it) you receive is first class.

  Totally-braindead 20:30 10 Jan 2007

It doesn't matter what company you pick to a certain degree. If you do a search through the threads you will find people complaining about virtually every company under the sun.
The 2 things to remember when looking through these threads are:
You generally only see the complaints as most people haven't the time/inclination to say that xxxx company did me well and
Just because there are more threads about a particular company does not mean that company is worse than another as if the company sells more PCs there will be more problems.
What I mean by that is, if company A sells 100 machines and 10 have problems and 10 people post about how bad it is, and company B sells 100,000 computers and 100 have problems and 100 people post and you look you see that company B is ten times worse than company A because there are ten times as many complaints.
But if you know the whole story, and we never do, and you work it out company A has a problem with 10% of the computers they sell whereas company B has a problem with 0.1% of their machines. I'm sure you can see what I mean.

Personally I like Novatech as well as their after sales service has been excellent.

  iscanut 20:58 10 Jan 2007

Try doing a search of the forum pages with names such as
Dell, Mesh, Evesham, Novatech, EByer, and so on and then form your own opinion based on user feedback re these suppliers. You must bear in mind that many postings will be complaints, but for every 1 posting, there are probably hundreds of satisfied customers. Difficult for anyone to say which is the best. opinions differ.

  carl222 21:28 10 Jan 2007

am havin problems with a pc i bought of them in november,have been emailing them for a while but with little response.does any one no theyre phone number

  grumpygramp 15:07 11 Jan 2007

From my own Experience I would recommend Novatech .For me the Whole Purchase and receiving of my Computer was a pleasant experience.Even having to contact their support line due to a blunder on my part was welcome change from some that I have dealt with .They also have their own forums where you can glean a wealth of information. Not forgetting a search through thesePC Advisor forums which part of my everyday surfing.

  Ginge1980 18:30 11 Jan 2007

Cheers all

  chalky001 12:43 12 Jan 2007

lost a driver on boot up which they talked me through to replace. The fan failed. They offered to send one in post or send an engineer. I opted for engineer who rang on Wednesday to say he would turn up Friday beetween 08.00 & 12.00. Rang 09.30 said he would be there by in ten minutes. All done and gone by 10.00. Great Service.

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