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  the griff 10:51 23 Oct 2004

I just thought I'd share my experience with this UK firm that sell ink & paper. They have sites called click here, click here and click here.

I've ordered most of my ink from these, I get 3rd party carts and they usually stock a make called 'colorjet' which I find acceptable.

So I've had 3 orders with them now and one every one there's been some sort of mistake, either the wrong cart has beens ent or I'd have a mixed lot of brands making up my order.

The last thing was recent. I e-mailed before hand and asked if they had the brand of cart I wanted in stock and how could I be sure to order it? They owner answers and says to specify it when I order.

So I do it (I phone instead of using the web site) and ordered 24 Colorjet carts (4 of each 6 colours) and 6 Canon OEM carts! It's not a small order!

I got 4 Colorjet boxed carts and 26 'unboxed' carts! They'd removed the boxes to try to kid me they where Colorjet! What a scummy trick to try on!

I kept returning to this company after the earlier mistakes as they where only little errors and mistakes do happen, I'd accept that. Plus as far as I could see, they had what I wanted at the right price. But these guys didn't have what I wanted and tried a bit of skullduggery to try to fool me!

The first order had the wrong Yellow cart, I had to pay postage to return them and did get the right yellow but they didn't reimburse my costs.. I let it go cos it was only £1 but I paid for their mistake.

The second order had 1/3rd of the carts made up of a really, really shoddy make. I'd cut the boxes to store them and I found out how bad they where when I came to use them. I've still got them, can't use them and they won't have them back.

So I've wasted 2 weeks and will have to send this order back when I'm in a bit of a hurry for one of these colours, can't print with no ink in one of the carts can I? Seems there's always someone can't be straight and play the game.

The owner tried to pass this off as 'staff error' but he was the one who originally confirmed they had the brand and that I should ask for them by name. I did so and they didn't even send the canon carts!

Use this firm your own discretion!

  spuds 11:05 23 Oct 2004

Cartex seem to have a combination of Good Press and Bad Press.Recently I was reading a complaint about the pricing of Cartex inkjet products.It would appear that there are three different purchasing methods, which will result in the final bill being perhaps different to what you may expect ie pack price, px price and trade price.But their adverts do state 'Buy Direct From The Manufacturers At The UK's Guaranteed Lowest Prices*'.This company also state in their adverts 'Full Money Back Guarantee'.

  the griff 11:23 23 Oct 2004

Don't know about the three purchasing methods (unless it is where the unit cost is lower the more you purchase, to order 1 cart is £2.49, 2 are £2 each, and 3 or more are £1.49 each. Was that it?)

Whats got me so irate is I e-mailed them beforehand and ASKED if they had the brand of cart I wanted in stock and how would I be sure to get it. The owner says ' Be sure to stipulate it when you order'... not 'we don't have them in stock at present, try in a month'... He said 'Ask when you order'

So I did...

They sent unboxed carts in an attempt to hide that they'd sent the wrong make on purpose. I also ordered Canon carts and they where replaced by compatibles...

Yes, I know I'll not have to pay for this but it's put me back in time, plus I'll have to go thru all the crap of sorting the credit card out! plus I'll have to attend a post office in the next few days (Maybe I should bill him if I give up my dinner hour?)

Maybe Tim Wardman (owner of Cartex) has time and energy for this but I haven't. I put this down to inbreeding where the office is... there must be something wrong with the gene pool there if they can't act in an iteligent manner when doing buisness.

I've now found someone, a touch more expensive, but I'll get what I want when I order. These people seem human.

Now I know who all the people are who get suckered by 'timeshare' salesmen and all the other didgy things like the Nigerian scammers... They must be from around the area where the cartex office is. I've always wondered who the people where who'd send their bank details so they'd get a share of a millionaires will or part of a tax loophole... Jeez... I think I dealt with them recently.

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