Bad Mouthing AOL

  onokeck 13:19 23 Aug 2004

I don't want to start an all-out discussion on the pros & cons of the many ISP's, but can someone please tell me why there is such dislike (bad mouthing)of AOL? What exactly is it that makes it so much worse than any of the others? I have been with AOL for a long time (at least 8 years)and while I have had some occasional problems (same as I had with compuserve, and a couple of others before) they have always been rectified by tech support, either on-line or by phone. I presently use AOL 9 dial up, but my exchange is upgrading for BB on 8 Dec and I intend to go for it. If there is something drastically "bad" about AOL, then by all means I'll go for something else. I wonder sometimes if it might not be the name, "America" On Line! Perhaps a little anti- Americanism might be creeping in, eh? Please let's not get into a long discertation on this - if there is a bonafide problem with using AOL I'd like to know before I go on to broadband in Dec. Sensible and non-prejudicial comments welcome.

  bremner 13:33 23 Aug 2004

Firstly I do not think for one moment it has anything to do with America.

I think the feeling is based on the fact that AOL was more than just an ISP. It introduced a large application onto the machine that liked to take over.

Try removing AOL and see how difficult that can be!!

  plsndrs3 14:13 23 Aug 2004

I believe that AOL had a bad reputation some time ago as outlined above for the software trying to take over as much of your PC as possible. However, I also believe that this was done to allow the PC to be 'correctly' set up to surf the net for those people who had never done so - it makes sense for certain User Defined settings to be preset by the application that is going to use it. This is not necessarily true today as more people become aware of settings, but AOL continue their 'tried & trusted' system.

Personally, I have removed AOL from one PC without any issues whatsoever & have upgraded another to AOL BB Silver. The reason? Personally, I do not like Real Player and did not want Quicktime installed on my PC without my being asked first [neither can be removed without the AOL software re-installing when you next use the program]. Just another of AOL's foibles about deciding what is best for surfing not alowing you to decide otherwise.

I use AOL for emailing and that is it - I have BB supplied by my employer & can use that FOC. My son uses AOL & I like the parental controls and 'seperate' accounts, so I upgraded to give him a better surfing experience.



  Stuartli 15:08 23 Aug 2004

My son, an IT support specialist, once informed me that if I ever (not that I ever would do) installed AOL on my system, then I was utterly and entirely on my own.....

  ma heeds nippen 15:12 23 Aug 2004

i,m with aol i use version 9.0 on bb platinum and it,s son and his friends are constantly at me to change isp and in the past i did try others but came back to aol as i found for me they offered the best package,as you have said free tech support and so on.i would stick to what you know there is no problem with aol bb as you are well aware if you set aol up properly it runs for aol taking over the pc i have never found this i have uninstalled it in the past with no is down to personal choice my son uses ntl and kept boasting about how good it was that was untill friday when he couldn,t get connected till sunday when i went through to help him i have friends with bt wanadoo ect.the,ve all had problems at point is as you know you sign up for a package and that,s it no download limits no paying for tech. support bill that,s it no added extras.we all have our fav. mines is aol.good luck in what ever you decide.

  mcds01 15:41 23 Aug 2004

recently removed AOL from my system. Went to Add/Remove programs, double clicked it and it was gone - whats all the fuss about?

  Xko 15:43 23 Aug 2004

Are you sure, it's ALL gone...?

*dun* *dun* *dunnnnnn*

  bremner 15:57 23 Aug 2004


Add / Remove programs is a start, have a look in Programs and you may still have the AOL folder with files in.

Then look in the registry and using search type AOL and see how much remains.

  It's Me 16:46 23 Aug 2004

Tried it once, off one of their CDs. It took over everywhere it seemed and intruded itself. Getting rid was a nightmare, and needed a format and reinstall. It prompted me to get Norton Ghost, so I suppose I could thank it for that, but I don't

  zoomer 19:18 23 Aug 2004

Not sure if recent incarnations of AOL's s/ware have changed but a huge caveat used to be that it was problematic to say the least to share ADSL via a router with AOL.A no brainer as they say.........why give yourself problems when there are some very good ISPs around

  Mango Grummit 21:08 24 Aug 2004

As you say - "A no brainer as they say" --

AOL works fine with a router for anyone who needs to know I have two, sometimes three, computers connected and there is no problem at all.

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