The bad,the good and the nutty from Mesh

  Britmex 09:17 21 Mar 2006

Just after Xmas I wrote a thread describing my bad experience from Mesh 1.e. the computer was never delivered.The bad.
After writing to Mesh I was contacted by a sales rep who offered me a higher spec machine than the one ordered for £300 less.It came exactly on time and is great so far.The good.
Today Amtrak turned up with another computer, same spec same order number which I refused with some bemusement.When I called Mesh the rep had no idea there was another computer built or delivered.The nutty!
By the way the Mesh system rocks so cannot be too upset.If I had been a devious person I could have had 2 for the price of one then Mesh could write a thread about "don't sell to this guy!"

  SG Atlantis® 09:24 21 Mar 2006

lol, see they can kind of get things right!

I'm glad you've a cracking system. I have just been trying to point out that they are no worse than any other supplier on another thread. Every supplier messes up, now and again, and that it's these foul ups you only hear about.... so

Well done, on A. getting a better one cheaper and B. being honest!

  Britmex 09:30 21 Mar 2006

just checked my credit card account even though mesh assured me that there was only one guessed it, they have charged my account twice.
better let you know what happens.

  Dellman 09:33 21 Mar 2006

Don't waste time with with the PC company - MESH...go straight to your credit card company and initiate a query/dispute. They will refund your account straight away and take it up with MESH.

  SG Atlantis® 09:36 21 Mar 2006

Dellman's right... and somebody spoke too soon. :(

  spuds 10:45 21 Mar 2006

Hope you pay the full amount on your monthly credit card statements, otherwise you may have high interest rate charges to pay. Any delays in reporting the matter, will take longer to resolve :o(

  bjh 17:18 21 Mar 2006

Grumble to Mesh as well.....

You never know......

You might get TWO refunds............

.......then see if you can retain such high levels of integrity.....

  bjh 17:20 21 Mar 2006

Oh, and grumble to Davey on this forum for a third refund, then head for the Bahamas!

  Hertz Van Rentyl 22:36 21 Mar 2006

Whatever else Mesh screw up, I don't think they have ever made an erroneous refund.

  MESH Support 10:14 22 Mar 2006

I'm sorry to hear of this.

If you email your order number and screen name to me directly at [email protected] I should be able to help speed up the refund process.


  Dellman 11:15 22 Mar 2006

good ol' Davey strikes back!!

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