Bad business from Novatech

  Joe R 20:59 20 Apr 2007

Having championed Novatech for years in this forum, and spending many thousands of pounds on their products, I have had my first (and last) bad experience with this company.

On 27th March, I ordered an LCD Tv and stand, both of which were showing as having stock in double figures, and paid extra for next working day delivery.

The following day I was sent an e-mail informing me that the stand was not in stock, due to a stock error, and would I now wish for the television to be sent alone.

Fair enough I thought, mistakes happen, so I telephoned them, and asked when the new stock would arrive, as I did not have anything else suitable, to sit the TV on. I was given a revised delivery date of 6th April.

With the site not showing any stock arriving, or one time an "overdue" sign, I telephoned them on Monday of this week, to cancel the stand, and to deliver the TV. I was given a delivery date for Thursday at the time of the call.

On Wednesday, I recieved another e-mail from Novatech, saying that "due to a stock error" my television was not In their warehouse, and that my credit card would be refunded, in 3-5 days.

Today I am left with No Tv or stand, nor the funds with which to purchase said goods. The only contact from Novatech during this full episode, were the two e-mails in the posting, and one at the time of purchase to confirm that my payment had been deducted.

I now most certainly will be purchasing from other companies, other than Novatech, and I feel it is a shame, as they have lots of regulars, and always have given (me) a good service in the past.

  Totally-braindead 23:20 20 Apr 2007

I understand your sentiment but your reaction is a little harsh.
Obviously there has been errors made. Perhaps they had the TV in stock when you originally ordered the TV and stand and they sold them all or perhaps they were recalled for some fault hence no stock and a refund.
I'm sure they will refund you as quickly as they can.

You want to know of a poor company story to put your in context. I bought 13 computer parts from a company, they were all delivered but 7 were dead on arrival - ie not working, and one was physically broken and it had been broken and reboxed, I know this because the bits that had broken off were not in the box.
Took me nearly 3 months to get the money back because they insisted on testing each faulty item individually before refunding each part individually and were backed up with all the other returns. Now that is a bad company.
What you have had is an unfortunate glitch. I wish Novatech had been a bit more forthcoming with an explanation of what had gone wrong but I'm sure your refund will be done as quickly as possible.

  Stuartli 23:34 20 Apr 2007

>>I was given a revised delivery date of 6th April.>>

Presumably this would be May 6th?

One bad experience with an otherwise excellent company should not, I would respectfully suggest, be a sound reason to immediately abandon it.

Otherwise every online retailer in the UK would probably be out of business by now...:-)

  Pine Man 11:55 21 Apr 2007

That's the first compaint I've read of about Novatech.

I have always rated them as one of the best companies for customer service.

At least thay notified you of what was going on each time. You certainly weren't laft in the dark.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 12:04 21 Apr 2007

I have had lots of dealings with Novatech, and always found them really helpful. Last week I bought a 8800gts video card from them, tried to install it, but the motherboard was not happy. I used their online webchat system to talk to a technician who without a mumur gave me a returns number, despite me having fitted the card and it not being faulty. As it was I ended up keeping the card, and buying a new motherboard and 2gb of ram from them. This was after another hours 'chat' online with a sales rep who helped me a great deal. I'm sure Joe R's experience was very frustrating, but I would give them another chance.

  spuds 12:09 21 Apr 2007

I have dealt with Novatech on many occasions, and all transactions have been 1st class, to the point that I could suggest, that some other well known retailers could learn a little from Novatech methods of trading and customer service.

Having said that, I would be inclined to email Novatech for a more precise explanation as to this 'now' double failure on their part. Suggesting to Novatech that they may lose a customer, who as spent many thousands, may bring a surprise!.

  grumpygramp 13:58 21 Apr 2007

I would say it`s near impossible for any firm to be error free .Human nature being what it is mistakes will happen .With any of my dealings be it private or commercial I have always believed in the three strike rule 2 mistakes OK . Three mistakes and no more dealings with that company or person.
As far as Novatech is concerned never had a problem

  Whispy 22:39 09 Sep 2007

I've only placed 3 orders with Novatech, 2 of which (13 and 17 Feb 2007) included an MSI K9N SLI 2-F Socket AM2 nForce 570 SLI motherboard.

The first motherboard (in PC built for a friend) started giving BSODs after a couple of months and having determined it would take weeks for it to be checked by MSI before being replaced I put a different mobo in and returned to faulty one to Novatech. About 6 weeks later I received the replacement which, since it wasn't needed, was stored.

Last week the second board started throwing up BSODs so I swapped it for the one which Novatech claimed had been supplied directly by MSI to replace the first faulty unit. Upon trying to boot the PC I got a "Bad Checksum" error and had to setup the CMOS configuration. No problem, until I rebooted and got the same thing again ... and again ... and again .......

Needless to say I ordered another mobo from elsewhere and am awaiting its arival though the story doesn't end here.

Today, I looked at the pc once more to see if I could determine what might be causing the bad checksum error and it ocurred to me that the battery might be flat/faulty. I noticed that the retaining clip appeared to be slightly bent so I compared it with the other mobo and indeed that was the case but I also saw that on the recently failed mobo the curved edges of the battery faced upwards whilst those on the mobo SUPPOSEDLY replaced by MSI faced downwards! The battery's polarity was reversed!

I removed the battery, turned it over, replaced it and the pc booted normally, and has done so half a dozen times with no bad checksum error.

Of course it's too late for me to cancel the order for the new mobo which will no doubt sit around in my cupboard waiting for a new home.

So what's my complaint about Novatech you might ask. Quite simple really. Why did they tell me that the faulty mobo could only be replaced with the same model supplied to them as a replacement by MSI and after MSI had checked the one I returned?

Do they seriously expect me to believe that MSI are in a habit of sending out replacements with the battery incorrectly installed and with bent battery retaining clips. I think not.

Now I have a dilemma. Do I pay postage to return the second faulty mobo to Novatech and have them supply me with one which could be equally "faulty" as happened the first time or do I chalk it up to experience and say stuff Novatech?

I think I'll go for the latter.


  tullie 23:22 09 Sep 2007

You would have been better starting a new thread,rather one thats 5 months old

  robbiepaul79 09:10 10 Sep 2007

people complain either way tullie give the man a break.

  bapiow 14:32 23 Jun 2008

I have always had nice things to say about Novatech. but lately I have had to send a few things back for repair, or replacement.
The last item purchased from Novatech was a PC I purchased just 9 weeks ago. Twice now I have had to return it for repair, still with them!
Also it's the first time I have had a pre built PC. Have always built them myself.
I think I could have made a mistake, in future I will continue to build my own.
Perhaps It was just my bad luck, twice.

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