The award for Manufacturer of the year goes to…?

  ened 07:21 09 Dec 2008

Recently the charger on my Logitech mouse packed up so I contacted them to see if anything could be done. They have a three year warranty but I couldn’t remember who I purchased it from or when. In fact I was totally honest and told them I really didn’t think it was in the last three years.

They said they don’t make that model any more so they have sent me a new MXRevolution FOC.

This is the second time I have had dealings with Logitech Customer Service and the time before they went the extra mile to help me.

So my answer is Logitech, their products seem to be pretty good anyway and I can thoroughly recommend them.

  Pine Man 08:51 09 Dec 2008

They don't actually make anything except 'very happy customers' but my vote goes to O2 for exceptional Broadband provision and customer service throughout the year.

  daveeb 13:21 09 Dec 2008

Sorry to be greedy but i'm going to nominate 3 awards.


  daveeb 13:24 09 Dec 2008

As i was saying when my message decided to post early...

1.O2 Broadband....excellent service
2.Cougar-extreme computers....great spec pc well put together
3.Amazon...the template for all online retailers

  ened 14:58 09 Dec 2008

I agree with you about Amazon and they are the retail equivalent of Logitech.

I thought long and hard before starting this thread because there will be some immoral and unscrupulous people reading who might regard what they have done as a weakness and take advantage.

However there are so many firms who tend to jump straight to the small print whilst Logitech have torn it up and re-written it in favour of the consumer.

They deserve credit for this.

There are people who will take advantage of firms like them but I suppose they have calculated that it is worth being ripped off by a minority in order to satisfy the majority.

  Kaacee 15:03 09 Dec 2008

Amazon??????? not according to Watchdog on BBC last night

  curofone 15:49 09 Dec 2008

Amazon are a great company, and after seeing just watching watchdog on the iplayer have to say I disagree with a lot of what they were saying. They are claiming that illegal and fake items are being sold by amazon and they are simply not, yes the market place might be on there website but it not them selling it. Come on someone trying to buy a brand new HD sony 40" tv for £290, everyone knows the old saying if sounds too good...

These people got scammed happen everyday in life, lets face it you buy something off one of those markets stalls in the big shopping centres and it turns out to be a fake you do not expect the shopping centre to give you your money or you buy from a consession in one of the big department stalls lets say debenhams and it is faulty or is not delivered you do not go to debenhams to get your money back so why are these people expecting amazon to pay them back for there stupidity or niaveity.

Amazon is a great online shop that i use regulary, Amazon market place is also useful and i have got some bargins off it you just have to use the same common sense that you use on the high street or any other online retailer

  Kaacee 22:08 09 Dec 2008

I have also used Amazon and agree they are a very good company to do business with providing you deal with them direct, but,the question i would ask is: why do they allow these other people/companies to use their site without any apparent control over what they sell and thereby risk their own good name?

  curofone 22:31 09 Dec 2008

becuase like they said on watchdog make something like a third of their reveue through the market place and for retailer as big as think how many millions that is.

To be honest it is a fantastic business plan think of how small the over heads are for them to set up and maintain the market place, next to nothing as seller just use the existing amazon infrastructure and therefore amazon are just watching the money coming in from doing no extra work.

As for the amazon name being damaged i not sure if that is true either, i think the name will only be damaged in the eyes of the naive people who for some reason actually think you are buying from amazon. There are two threads going on this forum and both of them people are supporting amazon on this one.

Lets face it the all of the people mentioned on watchdog were very foolish and were going to get scammed at some point online through amazon market place scam or some other scam but at least they have learnt their lesson now.

  curofone 22:43 09 Dec 2008

click here for the watchdog amazon market place "blog", the comment sections is actually quite intresting as most people saw straight through this very bias report/

By the way not trying to hijack the thread here and turn into amazon/watchdog thread just pointing out that they deserve the good reputation they have becuase they have revolutionised internet shopping in my opinion and probably most other peoples too.

  tillybaby 07:32 10 Dec 2008

I was an unlucky customer also, I purchased a game for the Playstation 3 which didn't work, it was only when I did a bit of 'googling' that someone suggested that all playstation discs had the 'p' logo engraved on them, mine didn't which obviously meant it was a copy,

Fortunately it wasn't hundreds of pounds BUT - despite Amazon getting rave reviews I've never purchased anything off their site again.

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