Avoid Laptops Direct

  ChrisBas 13:15 09 Feb 2007

I purchase a laptop from Laptops Direct to which I'm very happy with. I also purchased a media centre which came with no software. I was told to return the media centre and another would be returned. I returned the media centre and set sail for work (Navy). My sister informed me that a parcel had arrived from Laptops Direct to which I thought was the media centre. Until I called the bank who informed that I was overdrawn. I checked back and found that Laptops Direct had debited my account nearly £1000 unauthorized without warning. I called my sister who opened the package and found another laptop of a different model and higher spec than the one I had purchased. I called Laptops Direct who informed me they had sent me the wrong parcel and could't get hold of me so debited my account. I asked them to collect the parcel and refund my account and send me my media centre. They collected the parcel 2 hours later but it has been nearly a week now and still no refund and still no media centre. Evertime I call them I'm fobbed off with "we will refund your account and send out your media centre", but if they can collect the parcel after 2 hours why can't they give me my refund and media centre as quick? I'm thinking of calling a solicitor, Do I have any rights? £1000 is a lot of money to me, I shall be closing my account when I recieve my refund as I dont trust Laptops Direct with my bank account details. Any advice would be most welcome.

  dms05 14:11 09 Feb 2007

I think you should start with your bank. It was an unauthorised debit - it may well have been a mistake but it was wrong. I'm not sure what they will do but you should tell them immediately and write and confirm (not email).

I have a golden rule about buying high price items - always always always use a Credit Card. The Credit Card company IS responsible for items over £100 and will take steps to put things right. Barclaycard recently refunded me £250 when an ebay deal went wrong, they even back dated the refund to the date I made the purchase so I wouldn't pay any interest.

I suspect your vendor will refund the money and send the correct goods but not quite as quick as you would like.

Good luck.

  ChrisBas 14:48 09 Feb 2007

Yeah I'm sure they will refund me but its very disapointing as they proved to offer a good service before hand. But its left me paying overdrawn bank charges. I called the bank who are looking into it. Thats me learnt the hard way with using my debit card over the phone.

  sean-278262 14:53 09 Feb 2007

Contact laptops direct directly and demand to speak to a manager. Then point out your problem and that it is their failure and so any bank charges they should be paying. Being civil does work usually. Make a point that you are not happy at all and that you are more than willing to call trading standards.

  sean-278262 15:01 09 Feb 2007

Also I feel your comment about not buying from the company is not really a valid point. I myself and a friend have both purchased from them and have had no complaint. It is good to comment on bad service however bad mouthing a company over one incident is harsh and not very fair.

It is like me saying the navy isn't worth the time of day as they wouldn't let me join for not being fit enough! Not true obviously but it is pointless bad mouthing over one incident. A title such as "laptops direct - my bad experience" would be much better. Warns people to be cautious yet doesn't say they are truly a bad company

  ChrisBas 15:21 09 Feb 2007

Astec123. This is my personnal opinion. Everyone to their own I suppose. I did call and ask to speak to the manager but was fobbed off.
Let them take a grand from your account unauthorized and see how you feel.

  Jackcoms 15:24 09 Feb 2007

I agree with Astec123's point about the comment you make about not buying from the company.

If you'd bothered to read the Forum rules you'll find that specific 'bad mouthing' or libellous comments (such as yours) about companies is not permitted under those rules.

  sean-278262 15:28 09 Feb 2007

Jackcoms is right. You agreed to the forum rules to sign up. Civility is the way to go. Being grumpy and annoying will get you nowhere. Think how those at the other end of the phone feel. Remember they just work there. They dont control the money, they just take orders.

  sinbads 16:23 09 Feb 2007

I feel you have every right to be angry at the situation. I would feel the same if that had happened to me. The service you have had is appaulling, no one has the right to take money from your bank account without it first being authorised.

I would write to them and make an official complaint regarding the incident with a request for a reply within 7 days and your intention of taking the matter further if the issue is not resolved. click here.

I had a simular situation with Nextday it wasn't until i had ordered the item i noticed several threads about their service. Just wished i'd checked previous posts.

hope you reach a satisfactory conclusion.

  sinbads 16:27 09 Feb 2007

Also click here

  [email protected] 16:30 09 Feb 2007

Give the guy a break :)
I feel sorry for OP and would not be happy at all over the "service" that he has received.
I am pleased that the OP thought to warn others however the post title was worded, and hope that he gets it all sorted with compensation to boot. Incidentally several PC magazines have a consumer watch where they will take up an issue for you (can't remember if PC Advisor has it now but Computer Active certainly does) and I would also get in contact with one of these for some help if I were you.
Good luck!

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