Al94 21:05 25 Sep 2003

I don't expect response or sympathy but just posting to update on my recent experience with DABS who are great at shifting boxes quickly but absolutely crap at after sales customer service. It will be 5 weeks tomorrow since I sent back a faulty non working Actiontec ADSL wireless modem/router which was purchased in March. Surely any decent company can get a working piece of kit back to a customer well within that timescale. They have tried to claim that it took a week to have it checked into their warehouse although I have proof from Parcelforce that it was delivered before 12.00 noon the following day. They say they have now amended their records!!! An enquiry after 2 weeks produced the response that it was now being returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement under warranty. I'm still waiting, had to go out and buy a basic modem which is being fought over by 3 computer users, I want my wireless network back!!!!!! Take a tip from me, buy in the High Street even if it costs more, at least you can grab someone by the throat if the piece of kit goes wrong or at least have someone to negotiate with.I thought under the sale of goods act that it was the retailer who is ultimately responsible. But DABS don't seem to give a *[email protected]:. BE WARNED. I will post updates.

While I appreciate you plight, may I offer some advice?

You say "Take a tip from me, buy in the High Street even if it costs more..."

Well, it need not cost any more! If you use Barclaycard they have a price guarantee whereby if you find the same item (branded goods, i.e with a trade name) anywhere else cheaper then they will refund the difference.

I was forced to buy a new 80gig hard drive from a local shop, cost £110.00 (Ok, Ok, I was desperate!) I looked at the internet (Komplett) who had the same drive at £70.00. Phoned Barclaycard and instigated the insurance policy, They asked for details including the internet site and I had to print off the page showing the price. Two weeks later I had a cheque for the difference of £35!

Basically, buy in confidence on the high street knowing yo can get the money (or difference) back (And grab a bloke by the throat!!

  Al94 21:40 25 Sep 2003

Interesting point Smiffy, take that one on board.

Also, don't forget, that with the Barclaycard you can get an extra years warranty free!

  Forum Editor 23:17 25 Sep 2003

because we do not allow threads that exhort other forum members to boycott a company on the basis of a single bad experience.

That you have had unsatisfactory treatment is indeed annoying, but Dabs sell thousands of items to thousands of people, and the vast majority of transactions have a perfectly happy outcome.

You don't say how long after purchase it was before the modem's fault developed, but it would be interesting to know that. Dabs are, as you thought, liable to replace or repair the modem if it is unfit for its purpose - the age of the item comes into it, which is why I ask. Any repair carrid out under the terms of the Sale of Goods to Consumers regulations must be completed within a reasonable time, but the law doesn't define 'reasonable' in this context. Each case is decided on its merits, if it comes to litigation.

I'm sure it won't come to that, and I suggest that you contact Dabs and inform them that you feel the repair is taking too long. Tell them that you intend to seek other advice unless they return the fully repaired modem, or a new one, within 7 days of the date of your letter.

A final piece of advice - do not couch your letter in terms similar to those you've used in your first post. That kind of approach is unecessary, inappropriate, and likely to produce an equal and opposite reaction - there's never an excuse for aggression or rudeness.

  cleddau77 23:35 25 Sep 2003

I've bought regularly from DABS for over 7 years and have not had problems. The only time I had to deal with their customer service team, I found them courteous and helpful.

Judging from the aggressive attitude in the initial post, perhaps the manner of approach is the problem.

Not really,

I have also used Dabs many times and in fact have this evening just placed an order for a DVD writer and DVD media and the reason for doing so was that I am positive that I will get the goods tomorrow (usually get them next day in any event but I have paid for next day and so its guarenteed!) However, I have also had problems such as a faulty motherboard that needed replacing taking six weeks! Another mobo sent out that had been wrongly labled as being Raid when it wasnt (and Raid was needed) and other times that I have had to contact customer services for a problem of some sort. It is a great pity, but I do agree that this part of the service can be appalling and lets down an otherwise excellent operation. Aggression is not the reason for bad customer service, but can come about because of it!

  Stuartli 00:55 26 Sep 2003

This is the same line that is being used in other threads for Mesh and similar companies, but one or two customers' poor experiences doesn't mean that a business should be avoided like the plague.

Firms that do vast volumes of orders are bound to have the odd unfortunate episode - your local shops will experience the same problem - but should not be written off purely on the say so on one or two irate customers.

If firms like Dabs, Scan, Mesh etc were so bad - and I've dealt with them all over the years with only one unhappy experience - they would very quickly go out of business.

In fact all are thriving as far as I can work out....:-)

  Brian-336451 08:31 26 Sep 2003

In fact its the computer I'm using now, but a couple of years ago, I put a large (for me) order into Dabs for self-build hardware.

When it came, the processor was missing although it was on the packing slip.

I contacted Dabs who were not happy, but I said basically, they must have one 'extra' processor because it didn't make it to me, so please check your stock count.

Either way a replacement was with me less than 36 hours after the event when perhaps it could be viewed that they only had my word on it.

I WAS telling the truth, they DID do the business and I WOULD recommend them to anyone.

It would be naive to say that ANY company will not have either rogue products or a rogue transaction now and again, but there are far more traders out there who are alot worse.

Dabs get my vote for online purchases.

  Al94 09:12 26 Sep 2003

I seem to have touched a raw nerve here with those who were lucky enough to have bought products that did not go faulty (as I have done in the past) or simply had a piece missing. My post is factually correct, stating that I find their after sales service crap or that in my opinion they don't give a toss is hardly aggressive or rude unless you are referring to the metaphor of "grabbing someone by the throat" Please be realistic. I did in fact state that the item was purchased in March of this year and was returned five weeks ago when it stopped working. I expect more that 5 months use from an item costing £120 but that is not the issue, anything can fail. The issue is the poor standard of after sales service that I and many others experience from DABS. I certainly would not risk buying a piece of kit that I will depend on again knowing this is the level of support and timescale.

I have been in customer facing roles for over 30 years and know and understand what a customer needs if he has a problem and keeping him without "cover" for several weeks is just not on. There are a great many posts on the "net" to this effect particularly with DABS and it is interesting to note that their own customer survey (what are these worth as it depends on the questions!) doesn't mention after sales service. They are simply not focussed on this, purely very efficient box shifters.

The point I make is that buyers should be aware that in all probability thay will face a lengthy, frustrating, unjustifiable period of inconvenience if a product goes faulty. I trust that your stance is not influenced by the fact that DABS are major advertisers in P C Advisor.

  The Paul 09:26 26 Sep 2003

I stopped getting involved in threads like this one a long time ago. Being a firey Irish lad I used to get carried away. FE was exhausted with me. This is an exception.

I have had faulty goods from DABS and had to return them and had absolutely NO PROBLEM. I didnt grab anyone by the throat nor did I refer to anyone/anything as CRAP. I too have been involved with customer faced sales for a considerable time and we all know that an attitude coming across akin to how you "appear" to have dealt with DABS never really achieves any great success, certainly not too quickly at least.

As for your comment about DABS - major advertising and FE being influenced - I think you are either way up in the sky or far to angry to engage in any serious discussion.

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