Avery Label Printing Software - Free

  Alan2 18:34 25 Oct 2005

Avery have just released a new version of their label printing application DesignPro 5.

The full version is priced around £29 but the Lite version is FREE.

The Lite version is excellent enabling printing of single labels up multiple sheets of them with full Word style editing.

click here

The problem I have with this is before downloading,Avery require a great deal of information including address and telephone numbers including mobile ones.There are many other similar free programmes around that don't require all this information. I am sure Avery will handle the collected data with care; but I prefer not to have any additional unsolicited sales calls.

  Starfox 18:51 25 Oct 2005

Been using their products for years now and having registered as required I have recieved just one e-mail each month informing me of the latest Avery products,some useful some not.Definitely worth doing for decent software.;o)

  €dstowe 20:42 25 Oct 2005

You can get some nice, useful samples of Avery products as a result of using their free software (and filling in your details).

  ade.h 21:18 25 Oct 2005

Would anyone happen to know if it can integrate with MS Publisher, not just Word? I tend to use both about 50/50.

  Alan2 21:48 25 Oct 2005

DesignPro 5 is a stand-alone application.

  BRYNIT 21:55 25 Oct 2005

Down loaded from click here did not have to fill in any details.

  anchor 09:35 26 Oct 2005

This what I got:

Transfer miesieczny przekroczony

I have`nt a clue what it means. Anyone speak Polish?.

  €dstowe 11:07 26 Oct 2005

I got Avery USA from BRYNIT's link which is not the best one for the UK as paper and label sizes are different.

  wee eddie 12:27 26 Oct 2005

One of the sad things about M$ Publisher is that almost nothing integrates with it, but you should be able to use images created in it.

However M$ Publisher has a complete list of Avery label sizes as does M$ Word.

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