automatic driver updates

  Teaboy 17:29 23 Feb 2009

hello, I have been browsing sites regarding the updates of various drivers (computer wise), and came across Driver-Central, of particular interest. The site claims to automatically download and install updated ATI drivers- for free! without any effort on your part.

This sounds too good, Any kind soul knowledge and/or experence of this site, whether they are useful or nay?

Many thanks for any help.

  birdface 17:49 23 Feb 2009

This one is free as well.
click here

  Pamy 17:51 23 Feb 2009

I would just ensure that they are drivers from the genuine site concerned, as they may be third party drivers.

  Stuartli 17:59 23 Feb 2009

ATi drivers and Catalyst software is free in any case.

It's the Americans who tend to have to pay for a lot of their downloads, especially types such as Bios updates.

Driver Detective is another example of those already mentioned.

  MAT ALAN 18:03 23 Feb 2009

Don't really see the point, updating drivers is normally done very rarely and a manual search for the CORRECT one as Pamy suggests is a better way to go...

If your PC is working well there is no point in updating drivers just because they are there...
To put it in some perspective i have not updated any of my drivers for several months...

  citadel 20:30 23 Feb 2009

graphics card and maybe soundcard are the only things that may need updating if you are a gamer. even then save to desktop and scan with av before installing.

  Stuartli 23:55 23 Feb 2009

I would dispute that - download any new drivers from the official websites and the chances of any problems are infinitesimal.

If it was any different, then all of us would probably be in the fertiliser...:-)

  Teaboy 18:01 24 Feb 2009

Thanks for the response gents. I seem to be having a wee trouble with my computer's graphics driver,(according to problem and report within my computer), and as it is an ATI card, such a site would be invaluable,as it claims to deal exclusively with ATI drivers.

The snag is,which troubles me, you are required to download a program onto your computer which then automatically updates your ATI drivers as and when necessary, without reference to you.

I reason that 'Driver Central' is unlikely to be an offical ATI site, as why should it be called by that name?

  Teaboy 18:04 24 Feb 2009

PS. It is so difficult!

I must learn how to update my drivers manually.

  Marko797 13:43 25 Feb 2009

if it's just ATI grafs drivers u need, then I would recommend going to their site directly rather than using some 3rd party software which requires installation. click here
Just select OS, name of card, and card version. Dl drivers and click 'run'. Should self install.

If ur card is AGP, and Sapphire, u might need to go to their site and dl Hotfix drivers from there. Install is the same as above.

  gazzaho 15:11 25 Feb 2009

I would have to be sure a site was 100% genuine before letting them install software that does everything "invisibly" so to speak. To be honest I would avoid, I like knowing what is being installed onto my machine. Most drivers can be found pretty easily with help from Google for the less apparent ones.

The problem as I see it with outdated drivers is adding new software, if you don't continually add new software then new drivers may not be that important. If you do however install new software or update existing software it may be more important to keep your drivers up to date as new/updated programs frequently require the latest drivers.

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