ATI 16x to a 8x Motherboard

  Weeby-Vuit 15:13 17 Dec 2007

I have purchased an ATI Radeon 2600 Pro 16x Graphics Card, but my motherboard can support upto 8x Cards, would this cause any issues for the computer?

  Totally-braindead 15:19 17 Dec 2007

Are you sure this is right?

I presume the 2600 you refer to is PCI Express and it should be 16x, if you have an 8x slot are you meaning AGP?

If so that card won't fit as AGP and PCIE are different sizes.

Could you tell me what motherboard it is if I have made a mistake as I didn't know you got a 8x PCIE slot.

  Weeby-Vuit 15:22 17 Dec 2007

the Graphics Card is PCI-E the motherboard i'm using is a Gigabyte Ga-8i815p Duo, which is also PCI-E as i'm currently using a ATI x600 PCI-E

  Totally-braindead 15:37 17 Dec 2007

See that the Gigabyte site is as slow as usual.

You would think they would upgrade it. Couldn't find it listed but did find this click here

Is that your board? Picture of it on page 2. If it is they say its a PCIE x 16 graphics port it has.

  Weeby-Vuit 16:11 17 Dec 2007

it is sort of, the board on the website has two AGP slots, this is my board click here an i have just read at on the Spec page, it can support PCI-E 16x so it should work fine.

But when i installed the card and switch the machine on it doesn't alway hit the 'post', because theres no beep the machine won't continue, I beleive this could be a power supply issue, would i be right in thinking that? i'm running a Q-Tec 500W, whould it be advised to upgrade it?

  citadel 22:41 17 Dec 2007

this card needs 400w+ psu so it should be ok although it is not a quality psu. has the card got a plug for extra power, as if this is not connected to the psu it will not work.

  Totally-braindead 00:41 18 Dec 2007

It could be power but I would have thought even a cheap 500 watt should supply enough power, mind you its not the wattage as such its the power on one of the rails thats important, it could as citadel correctly says you not connecting the extra power connector(if there is one) or it could be the cards not properly in the socket.(this is common as AGP and PCIE sockets are rather tight and its easy to think its properly in the socket when its not).

Try taking the card out and refit it a couple of times, check all the leads are connected and try again.

  cream. 12:45 18 Dec 2007

Have you been into the bios and see if it has a graphics switch.

It probably has one to turn the graphics display from pci-e to agp.

  handy4x 17:12 24 Dec 2007

i had q tec 500w power supply and it would not run
any graphic card only an old radion x700 caused no end of problems borowed a friends 350watt hiper [quite old as he had upgraded] and was far superior

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