Athlon64 prices.

  Rayuk 18:13 23 Jul 2004

If you are in the market for Athlon 64s socket 754 and 939,make sure you look around as there is a price drop due.
See the difference by looking at
click here
click here and click here
Best prices seem to be the first link overclockers.

  vinnyT 13:26 24 Jul 2004


  rickimalone 14:18 24 Jul 2004

Not as cheap as these guys:click here

beating overclockers by £15 on that particuluar 2800 OEM chip and further cuts on monday!!

You acl always rely on Ebuyer

  Rayuk 14:30 24 Jul 2004

But as I was after the 350064 Skt939 myself quite a large saving from overclockers at £259 to the ebuyers £326+vat dont you think.

This was just a heads up for people who were thinking of upgrading this weekend to check carefully on prices so as not to be disappointed on Monday when the new prices come in.

Can of course check back at ebuyers Monday see what they are charging for the 3500

  Rayuk 14:34 24 Jul 2004

If you have another look at your link it seems they are out of stock,new stock arriving 27thJune????
New stock arriving Monday at knock down price of £99
Im a bit confused.

  rickimalone 14:39 24 Jul 2004


Nothing about that chip going upto £99 the 3000+ is coming down to £99 on monday and the 2800 is still cheaper and overclockers are out of stock also, whats this a competion?

  Rayuk 14:41 24 Jul 2004

click here

Which is the right price??? £99 or £99 +vat

  rickimalone 14:46 24 Jul 2004

Did you read my post? do you know what a OEM chip is:click here

and that all I was saying was that ebuyer were selling it cheaper than overclockers who want £108 inculding VAT:click here compared to Ebuyer selling it at £79.99 inc vat:click here

Sorry I came in and offended overclockers on one chip, maybe ill go to a thread where people read the posts. :)

  Rayuk 14:48 24 Jul 2004

Not a competition no,the 2800+ is in stock at overclockers both oem and retail at the new prices.whereas at ebuyers the 2800 is on at £144.

Where does it state the 3000+ is going down to £99 on Monday?

  Rayuk 14:55 24 Jul 2004

You have offended neither overclockers or myself,

I have reread your posts and links,am none the wiser.

  rickimalone 15:02 24 Jul 2004

Ok the 2800 OEM at overclockers is selling at £108 inc vat:click here

The same 2800 OEM is selling at £79.99 inc vat:click here

Now my maths makes the ebuyer deal £29 cheaper to buy that is what I posted.

Regarding 3000+ retail boxed this is going down to £109. inc VAT on monday:click here and the 3000 OEM is going down to £99 inc vat on monday hope this clears up the confusion. lol

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