athlon upgrade please

  weyland 08:25 15 May 2003

i would like to upgrade my "old" athlon 1.2 cpu but asus website states that it cant take any higher.

cant i just installed a new fan to keep things cool or just plain change my motherboard altogether?

i have a A7v-e kt133, 512mb and a athlon 1.2

Im not complaining about performance since for web surfing ( i have a ntl 600k ) its superfast but my geforce2 100/200 mx could do with an unreal2003 just doent want to know!

  AndySD 09:12 15 May 2003

Is the ram pc100 or pc133 if the latterand upgrading the motherboard you would need to upgrade this as well. How much is your budget as you might find a better graphics card is all you need at the moment.

  kane_2002k 18:55 15 May 2003

...motherboard, it will take the SDRAM u have now, but has DDR RAM slots if in the future u decide to upgrade, i think it can take any duron/athlon/athllon xp up to about 2400+, (any 200/266 FSB AMD processor) - should be around £45 at a local store.

  carver 21:34 15 May 2003

The best thing to do is just upgrade your graphics card to a Gforce 3 TI card.I've got the same setup as you but with a better card and with the latest drivers I can play anything. If you go for a new CPU it will need a new mother board,new fan, better memory, better graphics card and by the time you have bought all that it's the better part of £500, it's nearly as cheap to buy a new base unit with every thing already installed.Don't even think about one of the latest graphic cards because they will not fit the mo-bo you have as they are too long.

  kane_2002k 00:37 16 May 2003

carver makes a serious point, however i do feel i should point out an athlon xp 2000+ is about £60, motherboard i suggested £45, and a new graphics card ie. one like the geforce3 ti 500, or ATI radaen 9000 pro is £80, that only comes to £185, however u have a system which is a vast improvement on your present one, also many games are becoming CPU intensive and u may find that your CPU actually holds the graphics card back. If you chose the motherboard i suggested then u don't need new RAM, if u decide to get a better motherboard with support for only DDR then don't forget that u can replace your present 512 SDRAM to 512 DDR for about £55 - so poentially you could spend around £250 and end up with a PC that really is great.

  carver 06:40 16 May 2003

kane is correct about the Athlon XP2000+ and mo-bo ,BUT and this is the main thing, the cheaper boards will only support 4x agp and in 12 months time you might find you need one of the newer mo-bo's with 8x agp to play the next generation of games.Then you find the XP2000+ will not be fast enough also, then the mo-bo you have bought for the XP2000+ might not accept a cpu bigger than XP2400+, I am waiting until the end of this year to upgrade, because by that time, prices for some of the items mentioned should have fallen a lot, if you just alter the graphics card you will be able to play any game out at this present time at only a small cost.

  The Spires 07:00 16 May 2003

You can get 8x DR333 mainboards for under £60 including Vat, have a look at click here But I do agree with carver as well, the choice is yours.

  weyland 07:45 16 May 2003

thanks people for ur replys. really!! of course im more confused now but still i think the ecs k7s5a mother would be a great base to build things from, it can take up to athlon xp 2600+ with the extra ddr slots for later upgrade. Of course this cpu cost about £130 but together with the hercules 9000pro it would make a great board. right? just one more thing, im i going to have to get windows xp to run things?

  rickf 08:21 16 May 2003

The short answer is you don't but XP is a great improvement. However changing to XP may require more upgardes as some h/ware and s/ware you have may not work. You can do a compatibility check on this first.

  sil_ver 13:15 16 May 2003

I had a K7S5A mobo and if my experience is anything to go by I wouldn't buy it. Mine was fitted with an AMD 1.4Ghz and a Radeon 64Mb graphics card and 350watt PSU and I had a lot of unexplained bsods and lockups. Asking around I was told that the K7S5A has a problem with Radeon cards so I bought a Geforce 2ti and had no more problems. Having said all that I would suggest you buy a better graphics card and forget the rest as it will probably solve your U3 problem. Incidently I now run an MSI KT4 Ultra MOBO, 'wicked!!'

  kane_2002k 19:16 16 May 2003

it would make a really good system, to be fair, these days u have to draw the line somewhere, in terms of hardware, looking at your predictiment i suggested a system that will beable to handle most forseeable games (baring doom 3 :-)), weylland if u suggest how much u are willing to pay i can get back to you in terms of what hardware to get, to be fair it doesn't cost much to have a system 70% of top of the line, certainly not 70% of the price of a top of the line system. sil_ver i have built 3 systems with K7S5A and only had trouble with one, and the was with a revision 1 board, revision 3 is much more stable. Maybe you just got a bad board to be fair hundreds of thousands have been sold... check out click here and go to their forums have tons of info on AMD motherboards.

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