Asus Ti4200

  kchakrak 12:18 09 Jan 2003
  kchakrak 12:18 09 Jan 2003

My mates got the Asus TI4200 with the exact same processor, same basic motherboard though different chipsets and companies (mines ASUS and his's MSI) pretty much same basic spec, his HDD is better though.

My graphics card is Hercules Radeon 9000 Pro 128MB

One problem:

he got 4804 on 3D mark 2001 SE registared.
I got 6810 on 3D Mark 2001 SE registared.


  ulrich 12:58 09 Jan 2003

It could be the CPU, or the os and which drivers are you using.

  weejobbie 13:12 09 Jan 2003

That prove the widely held view that speed of a computer is not solely determined by the speed of the processor - all other factors, such as graphics card, chipsets, type of RAMs, motherboard manufacturer, HDD speed and size, and sometimes what software is running (eg, antivirus in the background etc), they all contribute to the ultimate speed.

That is the reason when you are looking for tweaks to improve the speed, it is totally inadequate to cocentrate on the CPU.

The only possible chance that 2 computers have the same benchmark scoring is when EVERYTHING is completely identical.

  kchakrak 13:51 09 Jan 2003

Both 256 DDR ram - both AMD athlon XP 1600+, Both Win XP pro. his HDD is better but he still gets 4804 and i get 6810.

he should get between 6000-7000. Im using hercules drivers, his using Manufatorers drivers (NVIDIA). both up to date as possible.

  Stalker 14:33 09 Jan 2003

What chipset is his motherboard and which chipset is yours????

Does he have exactly the same software installed and exactly the same saetup etc, the best thing to test two systems is to perform a full reload of windows, install the latest chipset, and video drivers, and then test.
Could also be if he has any external hardware such as printer scanner etc, or even an external modem, if i have my external adsl modem connected i loose upto 3000 Bench marks in 3d mark 2001


  PªūĽ ™ ♂ 23:26 09 Jan 2003

Did he reformat ? disable all background tasks that dont need to be running. Disable antialiasing, Antistropic filtering, and Vsync, Try the 41.09 drivers for the nvidea or the 40.52 they give better performance. Defrag the hard drive. 4800 points on a 4200 TI is very low I get 7000 on a gf3 TI 200 with a 1333 amd athlon CPU and 512 MB SDRAM. Compare link click here Thats with a slight overclock on the GPU Stock score is around 6500. The best I can do is 7500 with the CPU at 1450.

Try downloading tweak XP pro and tweaking the hardware settings. Do not overclock anything unless your willing to kill your hardware. update the motherboard drivers It depends on your chipset as to what you need but these can make a massive difference. If your still stumped try the MO forums

  Memphis 20:53 10 Jan 2003

i thinks it's the card because i found an old benchmark test when i had my Asus card in my old setup which was

Duron 700
448MB sdram
40GB hard drive
didn't have no anti virus or fire wall and there was no printer pluged in not uses devivces plugged in too and it got 4900 so i think my card could be damaged or fulty im going to try to send it back and get a different card maby the a ABIT one they are suppose to be good I was very angery i thought i would get higher then that, somewhere around kchakrak card it's very wierd and when the perfect comparrison practly everything is the same i feels like buying a a sports car and finding out it only goes 50MPH MAX

  doug 22:29 10 Jan 2003


  PªūĽ ™ ♂ 22:46 10 Jan 2003

Memphis did you try my suggestions ? Turn off Vsync AA and AF, Disable antivirus and firewalls, Dont run any other programs in the background. Your score is very low Did you reformat your PC after installing the new graphics card ? Did you install the motherboard drivers ? For dets try the WHQL 40.72's I would expect to see your system get around 8000 3D marks, I do doubt that your card is dameaged if it was damaged in any way you wouldnt be able to run 3d Mark.

  Kyomii 04:35 11 Jan 2003

Try using the original Asus drivers (not Nvidia detonator) because they have been tweaked by Asus for best performance of the card they have manufactured.

Then update to latest Asus drivers from Asus site. What resolution are you running the tests at? Are you using a TFT (more delay with TFT than CRT). Close everything down as suggested.

What version of DX are you using? Do the above and close down background tasks as suggested, but it honestly sounds to me like you may not have loaded the AGP bus drivers (4x) (NOT graphic card drivers) for your motherboard and hence the low score.

If its VIA chipset you need the latest 4 in 1 drivers which can be found click here

Would it be possible for you to find out your chipset/motherboard make and model and then we can direct you to the correct drivers for your motherboard chipset? It is very important the AGP bus drivers are loaded, especially if you play games, other wise performance will be poor.

Without these essential drivers your AGP port will only run at minimal speed (1x).

I also say this because I get almost 4x your score with the same card:

WinXP, DX 8.1, Service pack 1, MSI GF4 Ti 4200 3dMark score in with nothing closed down and no USB devices removed (I have ADSL USB modem) at screen resolution of 1024 is almost 14,000.

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