Asus Technical support and forum

  Trackrat 13:16 02 Aug 2007

Has anyone tried to contact technical support or the forum for an answer, it is like wading through treacle to get it to load and when you get on the technical support page you cannot select your product so it will not let you send the problem to them.
TRhje forum is just as bad, when you enter the title for the problem it will not allow you to move the cursor to the box to explain your problem.

the board is fantastic apart from one niggly problem so I thought I would see if iyt could be sorted but after trying for an hour I have given up.

  4gig 13:23 02 Aug 2007

Ask the same question in our Helproom.
Well not the same question but give them your technical problem.
Or just Google the problem.

  Trackrat 13:27 02 Aug 2007

This is not the sort of problem that could be sorted in the helproom it needs knowledge from ASUS.
I already tried Google with no results.
This was just a question about ASUS technical support and their forum.

  4gig 13:37 02 Aug 2007

Try us.
Some of us may have the Asus third eye.
It's back to Asus then I'm afraid.

  Colin 13:40 02 Aug 2007

I have the same problem with the ASUS site. It looks nice but it is slow and not particulary easy to navigate. The information required is there, it just takes ages to find it. Compared with Seagate's site, it's a nightmare!

  Pine Man 13:43 02 Aug 2007

I have had quite a lot of help and sucess from the Asus forum. Are you aware that you can set up the forum to only show posts about your specific board?

  Trackrat 13:46 02 Aug 2007

Yes I navigated to the section I needed, but after giving the topic a title it would not allow me to move the cursor to the box to explain the problem.

  Pine Man 13:51 02 Aug 2007

Maybe it was busy. A lot of the subscribers are from the US. Have you tried using the site when they are in bed?

  johndrew 14:01 02 Aug 2007

I very recently contacted Asus support as a result of a problem with my chipset fan; they were excellent both in China (the main contact from their site) and in the UK (China had them resolve the problem).

I agree the site takes a bit of navigating but once done the response is very good.

  Trackrat 18:02 08 Aug 2007

After 5 days of trying to post on the Asus forum at different times I have just given up.
I have never seen such a shambles of a forum.
Half the time the cursor disappears before you can type anything in the box, and when you do get to type your problem in, clicking the submit button has no effect.

  Forum Editor 18:10 08 Aug 2007

I'll move it over now.

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