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  joeyscorcher 20:59 11 Jan 2008

This is my 1st posting on pcadvisor. My son bought an Asus A6t laptop costing £1,050 in August 2006. At the end of September 2007 when he switched it on the screen was black & he couldn't get it to work. He emailed vip/tech at Asus but didn't get a reply within in the 48hrs as stated so he emailed them again but to no avail. He phoned Asus direct & explained what had happened so they arranged for it to be collected by a courier on November 2nd 2007. He also told them about not receiving a reply to his emails & was informed he had emailed the wrong place but surely it wouldn't have taken much to reply & tell him this & give him the proper email address. My son waited the 7-10 days as stated to see what the fault was with his laptop but heard nothing so he phoned & was then told it was the screen faulty & they had to order a new 1 which would take about a week. After not hearing anything 2 weeks later I phoned on his behalf to see what was happening and was told the part still hadn't come into stock. Another week passed & I phoned again & was told the same thing. I explained my son needed his laptop for revision purposes as he was doing his finals at university in Computer Science in January, but they weren't any help all they said was he'd have to wait until the part came in. Another week passed & still no news this was now December I phoned yet again & was told the same thing waiting for the part at this stage I said it wasn't good enough he really needed it I even suggested they could lend him 1 & requested a return call from the department responsible for repairs but nothing happened .

  joeyscorcher 21:04 11 Jan 2008

On December the 20th I phoned again & nothing. On January 2nd 2008 I phoned & the call was diverted to Holland they looked our account & said according to it the unit had been repaired on the 24th December & they were awaiting instructions from us for a suitable delivery date, as I explained it would be hard for us to arrange delivery when we hadn't even been told it had been repaired. they said they would email the Uk office & tell them to contact me & it should be within 2-3 hours. No phone call came. I phoned again on 3rd January again went straight through to Holland & this time I said there was no point them telling the Uk to phone because they never bother returning calls & that I had phoned them on numerous occasions on the 0870 number. Holland gave me the direct phone number to the repair centre. I telephoned there the next day only to be told it had been sent back to Asus on the 24th December at the request of Asus. I phoned Asus on the 0870 number chose the option I needed only to get a continuous tone, I retried the number but the same thing happened so I found another number which was a geographical number. Telephoned it & was told that it was the marketing department & that I would have to phone the 0870 number. At this point I told the marketing dept I was not phoning that number again & why she then said she would put me through to someone who should be able to sort things out. I got through to Jay & told him everything that had being going on from the start. He then informed he had received notification that my sons laptop was to be replaced as it had been in for repair over 30 days, NOTE THIS WAS NOW 43 DAYS & WE HAD NEVER BEEN TOLD THIS BEFORE THIS TIME.

  joeyscorcher 21:09 11 Jan 2008

Jay promised now that it had brought to his attention & after all the hassle we had experienced he would do the paper work that day for the replacement but the old unit had to go to Holland 1st & then they would email Jay the specifications of an alternative 1 which would be either equivalent or possibly slightly upgraded to the old unit as they couldn't give my son the same model as he had due to it not being manufactured anymore. He then said he would email me with the information & to expect it that afternoon & if not then definitely the next day. My son & myself checked our emails on Thursday & Friday & all weekend but no email. On Monday 7th January we checked the emails again but nothing from Jay. I telephoned his direct line to see why he hadn't emailed as promised & was told by a colleague that he had left that afternoon on a business trip & wouldn't be back until Thursday. I told his colleague he had promised to sort this out last week & never mentioned he would not be there to follow up with my sons decision on their offer. I also told them we were considering asking for a full refund as the service we had received from Asus was diabolical & we weren't prepared to accept it anymore. My son then emailed Jay himself stating what he wanted as a suitable replacement & would accept nothing less. He received an email on Thursday evening from Jay offering an alternative laptop which was as my son told him on a return email was an insult to his intelligence if he thought he would accept it. The model they offered cost around £400 & the graphics & processor were of no good to him, it had a slightly bigger hard drive & cpu which my son said he wasn't interested in if he wanted extra hard disk he could buy an external 1 & it was not of the standard of the model they were replacing, he checked their website & told them of 2 other models which weren't quite the same but as near as he could see & he would accept 1 of them. Today 11 January I telephoned Jay on behalf of my son & reiterated what he had said on the email. Jay tried to tell me that it was a good laptop but i told him my son knew what he was talking about with being a final year university student & that we wanted this finalised today as we had been more than patient with them but now our patience had run out. I also asked him who had made the decision as to what laptop should be offered to my son & he told me it was his manager I asked to speak to the manager & was put on hold. Jay came back & asked who would be making the final decision about the laptop my son or me I told him it would be my son of course. Jay then said he would phone him & discuss what he wanted in a new laptop, I never did get speaking to the manager & when I asked Jay was the manager not going to speak to me he changed the subject without answering. I told Jay I would try to contact my son to see if he could take a call at that time as he had to study in the university library due to not having his laptop. My son was free & I contacted Jay with my sons mobile number & he promised he would phone straight away. When after 1/2 - 3/4 hour I hadn't heard anything from my son I contacted him to see what had happened & he told me he still hadn't got any call, I told him to wait for another 1/2 hour & then I would phone Jay again. One hour went by & still no word so I telephoned again spoke to Jay who claimed he had tried once to phone my son & couldn't through I said I had no trouble contacting so he said he would try again. He did phone him & offered another laptop which was still below the specifications of his own which my son refused again telling him of 2 he would accept. According to Jay these are out of stock but should be in on Monday next week and he will phone on Monday to confirm it. We await with great anticipation to the outcome on Monday watch this space for the next thread.

  harps1h 21:15 11 Jan 2008


  Clapton is God 21:23 11 Jan 2008

"watch this space for the next thread"

For God's sake please don't make it as long and tedious as the first one!

  harps1h 21:45 11 Jan 2008

perhaps clapton you should you should keep unhelpful post to yourself

  harps1h 21:47 11 Jan 2008

as a matter of fact do you have anything useful to say? this is a genuine plea and perhaps a useful thread should other people have been getting problems also. if not leave it to others to reply

  harps1h 23:05 14 Jan 2008


  livewire 17:50 15 Jan 2008

hmmm it is a tad long...

would be nice to have a quick overview or summary or something?

  harps1h 20:24 15 Jan 2008

i think in basic terms the laptop is faulty and after 67 days, mumerous e-mails, 0870 phone calls, broken promises, buck passing, promised return calls that didn't appear, there is no sign of a satisfactory resolution to this. the guy involved was also trying to do his finals at uni and no amount of pleading his case has cut any ice.

i think anybody who has been in this situation would find this frustrating and hopeless in equal amounts

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