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  the kopite 06:42 24 Aug 2005

Hi Everyone I purchased a Asus A7V600-x from a local computer shop and because it would lose my hard drives sometimes on boot up and sometimes when in windows I decided to use the bios upgrade provided by Asus well it failed and taking it back to the shop they said as I had tried to flash the bios it was not their problem so I contacted Asus and they told me to get the shop to RMA it as I stated the shop refused where do I stand in law any ideas please thanks Kopite

  Midsman2005 16:19 24 Aug 2005

Doesn't sound like the shop will give in on this one and will probably just dig their heels in.


Why wont the shop return it to Asus? What reason did they give? It makes no sense for them not to do this as they are losing nothing...makes you wonder whether this mobo was bought legit. Did you speak to the manager/owner or just the saturday day time helper?

If you want to play hardball with the shop you could always ring your local trading standards and have a chat to them.

I would suggest contacting Asus again and insist the mobo was faulty and you want a replacement. Just tell them the shop is refusing to do anything about it at all. Asus must have a returns policy and as they are the manufacturer I think they are ultimately responsible to replace faulty goods.

I have had to do this with a Microsoft mouse before when a local shop to me went out of business just after I bought it from them. Microsoft sent me a replacement mouse within about a week.

I would think Asus have a similar returns procedure.

  the kopite 18:03 24 Aug 2005

Hi The shop mantain I voided the warantry by flashing the bios ( even though I used the asus on board program ) and refused to rma it I conntacted asus support a week ago about this but have heard nothing from them I will try Asus again but will not hold my breath thanks kopite

  Midsman2005 10:01 25 Aug 2005

Flashing the BIOS may well have voided your warranty.

But equally it might not have.

Ask Asus if it has or not. I would not bother to email them. I would phone them.

  the kopite 10:17 25 Aug 2005

Hi midshipman been trying to find the number of asus thanks kopite

  Aspman 11:20 25 Aug 2005

My mate had similar problems with the same board. Unfortunately he was more concerned with a quick fix than waiting for a replacement so he just bought a gigabyte board and we put the Asus in another PC. It only seemed to have problems with SATA drives.

  Midsman2005 12:37 25 Aug 2005

Phone numbers here click here

  BigMoFoT 13:12 25 Aug 2005

The BIOS should not invalidate the warranty if the BIOS flash intends to fix a known issue with the board - As you stated even Asus said they would accept a return. In my opoinion the place where you purchased it should at the very least return it to Asus. Flash your BIOS back to the original version, there should be some information on the board indicating the shipped BIOS version. Then take it back to them.

Sounds to me like a bunch of cowboys trying to sell computers if you ask me...

  the kopite 16:43 25 Aug 2005

thanks guys bigmofot you are suppose to be able to repair the bios from the motherboard disc asus supplies I also saved the old bios to a floppy but althought the floppy lights up and starts reading the disc there is no display to help me reflash the bios as regards the shop they are being very unhelp ful and I will not be using them again Thanks for the numbers midshipman they are diffrent from the ones I got for the uk off asus website will try them tomorrow thanks guys kopite

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