ASUS Laptop - 4 weeks out of warranty

  onthelimit 16:29 20 Sep 2010

Friend has the above laptop which, he tells me, has been getting progressively slower to boot up. Now, when the power switch is pressed, nothing at all happens other than the power light coming on. The warranty was for 24 mths. Does he have any recourse at all for this failure? Thanks.

  woodchip 22:59 20 Sep 2010

This sounds like a HP Laptop that as 24 months warranty as they admitted that they have a fault, if its one of these, it is not fit for purpose and should be taken back. You can claim your money back for the above up to 6 years after.
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  onthelimit 08:53 21 Sep 2010

Thanks woodchip. It's an Asus and, as far as I know, this is not a known fault (at least I can't find anything on the net). I'll have a browse through your link.

  DieSse 12:10 26 Sep 2010

A Manufacturers warranty is in addition to the Sale of Goods Act rights.

So if it's a real system fault, then the supplier has the obligation to repair/replace it during the life that can reasonably be expected for the class of product - which is certainly more than two years for a laptop. At this point it's reasonable to expect a repair unless it can't be repaired.

However - if the problem is down to your friend, because of installing bad software, or too much software, or letting malware infections in, or corruptions down to operating outside the recommended environment (too hot, too cold, too wet etc) or similar reasons OR due to a failed/failing battery - then that won't be covered.

  spuds 14:16 26 Sep 2010

First port of call would be to the seller, and see what they state. Then back here or Consumer Direct.

  onthelimit 14:38 26 Sep 2010

Thanks all. He took it back to the supplier who agreed to send it for a free repair to Asus. Result!

  bigsteveUK 12:52 27 Sep 2010

The post above is spot on in my view. Great to see the seller did the right thing.

There is often a misunderstanding of "1 year Guarantee" or "2 Year Guarantee". If you have bought a cheapest on display tv or laptop then expect it to last less time (in general, but there is no fixed period)

If you buy a branded product like Asus (not a shop's own brand) then you can expect longer. EG. a Sony TV, you should (if user instructions are all followed) expect to get 5+ years usage from it. When the shop assistant says it's out of guarantee, agree with them, then ignore that and continue to require their help :)

Another, more minor issue I take with some retailers, is the fact that they ask for your address when you buy a laptop or tv etc

They have to ask (if it is capable of tv reception, for the tv license paperwork) but you can decline to provide. It'll save you getting adverts through the post for the extended warranty special offer because you declined in the shop.

When they say your personal details are needed for the guarantee, simply tell them they are wrong and you know the law. Be polite of course :)

Hope the laptop's fixed soon...

  spuds 13:03 27 Sep 2010

A shops own brand, would normally be a re-badged item from a well known manufacturing outlet, so in consumer law, the time span of complaint and resolution would be no different.

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