Asus 3 year motherboard warranty not recognised by PC World

  rockhopper7 15:37 05 Oct 2011

I bought an Asus motherboard from PC World's store in Colchester in December 2008. The retail pack clearly states on the underside "3-year warranty", with no small print.

The motherboard recently developed a fault in one network port, and as it is still less than 3 years since I bought it, contacted Asus technical support via their website.

I received a response from an agent at Asus Poland saying that the network controller was the likely cause and to contact my reseller to arrange to send it in for repair. Great !

I went along to the store where I bought it from and was directed to a member of the technical support team, and showed him my email from Asus.

He then told me that PC World "Only exchange faulty goods for new, within 12 months of purchase" and that they had no facility to return goods to the manufacturer for repair and that I would have to send it direct back to Asus.

I emailed back to Asus, outlining the response I had received from PC World, and asked how I could resolve the problem and get my motherboard repaired.

The same agent in Poland then replied to me via email: "The 3 year warranty pertains to the first buyer not every owner. The first buyer who purchased the board from our factory in Taipei gets a warrany from our factory that the board will not break for 3 years and if it does they will repair it. If the board will be sold further, the seller issues a warranty for that board. Unfortunatelly if you PC sotre give you only 1 year of warranty then this is how much you have."

I have since tried ringing but the Asus helpline said that they do not support motherboards by telephone and that you can only contact Asus via the Asus website.

I also tried PC World's repair telephone number on their website, that was dead. I found another telephone number for them and after delving through several menus I got to the option for Asus products, where I was greeted by a recorded message telling me that Asus products are supported directly by Asus in the UK and gave the same telephone number which I had already tried and had been told that they do not support motherboards.

So it would appear, even if the retail pack says it has a 3 year warranty, you only get 1 year in the UK.

Does anyone have any working telephone numbers for someone higher up in PC World or Asus in the UK that will avoid me calling Taipei ???

  ICF 17:09 05 Oct 2011
  rockhopper7 17:54 05 Oct 2011

@ICF Thanks for those numbers but the UK number listed is the only I have already tried and been told they don't support motherboards :(

  spuds 20:10 05 Oct 2011

Your three year warranty would be provided by Asus, but as the item was sold to you by PC World, they still have a some responsibility in dealing with a claim. Was the box that the item can in, and the warranty card/form contained a UK or EU address, then that should be the place to contact. Usually warranty cards have a contact address or telephone number in and for the country that the item was purchased from.

Have you tried PC World Customer Services 0844 561 0000. Their address is Customer Services, PC World, PO Box 1686, Sheffield, S2 5YB.

You could also try for further help and advice.

As a last resort, you could contact DSG/PCW head office, and inform a person called Katie Bickerstaff about your problem. Since Tech Guys name change to Know How, then Know How should have the answers in making life easier for the customers?.

  ICF 20:23 05 Oct 2011

This is what it says for my motherboard

Under the Heading Warning Para a states that "Warranty period may differ regionally, please check with your purchase point"

  onthelimit1 09:23 06 Oct 2011

Read 'Your Statutory Rights' in this article for a bit more info. Doubt it will work with PC World, but may be useful.

  rockhopper7 12:10 06 Oct 2011

Thanks everyone, you are all a great help !


Thanks for your link.

How can they state that when the retail packaging states "3 year warranty" on the outside and with no small print, not even "limited" or any other form of disclaimer - that 3 year warranty on the retail pack is, as far as I'm concerned, a selling point. I chose that board over the MSI one it replaced because it promised a 3 year warranty.


Thanks for your information, and contact details for DSG/PCW. I have sent off some info to consumer direct and waiting for their reply.


Thanks too for your link. I'll take a look at that shortly.

  spuds 13:52 06 Oct 2011

A short time ago, I was in the area of one of our local PC World superstores, so I decided to find out about one of their advertised 'order and collect from store' motherboard/cpu/memory bundles as advertised on the internet yesterday evening. Apparently you order then collect from store 2 hours later, first checking that the store had stock. The store I checked and visited had them 'in stock'.

Could not find any motherboards on display, so I asked at the 'Know How' reception area. Apparently this particular store hasn't stocked motherboards for a few months now. My main query was about model/make of the motherboard, and the warranty period (not even their PCW website mentions this). The PCW techie guy couldn't really help me, but he did mention that the motherboard would have come with a 'standard' 12 month warranty. If the item stated any longer, then it would be the customer's responsibility to deal direct with the motherboard manufacturer. A usual response from PCW I suppose, and not like the statement provided by DSG when Tech Guys support had a reformat, when all would become much easier for the customer, in dealing with problems?.

  wiz-king 17:01 06 Oct 2011

Most items like this with longish warranties have a card inside to fill in and send back or a website address to register the item with the manufacturer. If you have registered it then it does not matter about PC.

  rockhopper7 17:18 06 Oct 2011

There was no warranty registration card in my box. I still have all the original box, manuals, receipt and paperwork as well as some unused spare parts ;-)

I've since found a form to contact Asus (not an RMA request form), and tried again, asking how to get it repaired. I didn't bother to tell them I'd already had a reply from Poland, as they had already tried to brush me aside.

Had a reply from Asus UK, who told me to take it back to my retailer, so I replied that PC World had said only within 12 months, and requested to RMA directly to them.

I await their reply..............

  rockhopper7 12:10 07 Oct 2011

Ok next installment.... just had a response from Asus UK asking me to email a copy of my proof of purchase to them at:

[email protected]

So have sent that off promptly to see what happens next...

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