Asda Automated Petrol Pumps

  veryoldgit 04:07 12 Jun 2008

On Sunday 8th June i used the pumps at Boston using my credit card and i have been charged twice.Asda say it is a software glitz.What is my best way to get my refund?

  laurie53 05:32 12 Jun 2008

Asda customer services.

  jack 09:00 12 Jun 2008

'A Software glitch' is a bit nebulous to say the least.
Who's software ASDA's/Petrol Pump supplier/Card Co?
You have no way of knowing- Would you care?
As your 'Contract to Supply' is with ASDA
laurie53 is correct as first stop.
But attack from both ends is the best strategy- so challenge the Card Co too- let both sort it.

Who knows you may get double refund ;-}

  dms_05 09:44 12 Jun 2008

Agree. Tackle both ends at the same time. I'm sure ASDA will want it sorting out, they seem a decent and honest company.

I'm surprised they don't have software checks that forbid the use of the same credit card for the same sum of money within X minutes. It seems common on toll roads in France for example (where they won't even allow the same credit card to be used for payment withing X minutes, no matter what the amount is). Seems such a simple check on an automated system.

  birdface 10:27 12 Jun 2008

Was it for the same amount.And the same time.I once got charged for petrol and as I use diesel I challenged the charge.I have a[ Asda fuel card]so did not notice until I received my monthly bill.It took me almost a year to get a refund.

  veryoldgit 10:47 12 Jun 2008

Thank you all for your speedy replies

Laurie53. That was my first try.Reply was it will be refunded in a couple of days.So far no joy
Jack.I will get in touch with the card company if i don't get a result by tomorrow.

dms_05.This was a single purchase and the card was used only once. Hence the explanation of a software glitz.

buteman. Yes it was for the same amount and the same transaction.

  laurie53 15:39 12 Jun 2008

"it will be refunded in a couple of days."

Point out that it's your money, not theirs, and should be earning interest in your account, not theirs.

  The Brigadier 16:12 12 Jun 2008

Complain to Trading Standards at your local Council.
ASDA could be trading illegaly by doing this.

  Marko797 16:17 12 Jun 2008

a bit over the top, imho - interest/trading standards/illegal trading.

ASDA are reputable, I'd just wait for the refund and no harm done. I'm sure they'll investigate and get the glitch fixed so no-one lese is affected.

  laurie53 18:29 12 Jun 2008

I would not have your patience.

If they had taken my money I would want it back, and reputable or not I think they have a darned cheek telling him to wait a couple of days.

No harm done? Let's say this happens to 0.1% of their customers.

Do you have any idea how much interest they'd make over a couple of days?

  Marko797 19:23 12 Jun 2008

you really do try and make a meal of things, don't you?

It seems ur suggesting that ASDA have done this on purpose to gain financially via interest on 'victims' over-payments. Frankly, this is a ludicrous suggestion.

It's obviously a glitch, and I'm sure that veryoldgit will get his refund. I can't see that it's anything to get into a lather about.

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