Kevscar1 16:12 06 Feb 2009

If it's possible get there.
Nobodies shopping Packs of 4 lean pork chops reduced to 99p, packs of Frying Steak reduced to 99p. packs of Sausages reduced to 44p
They need to get rid so all meat is beibg reduced.
paractically got our 2 freezers full

  The Brigadier 16:25 06 Feb 2009

The supermarkets are falling over themselves to get customers.
Local Sainsburys doing lots of offers for £1 a time.

  Clapton is God 16:34 06 Feb 2009

No tinned tomatoes in your list, I see.


  interzone55 16:53 06 Feb 2009

Odd, staff at my local Asda are complaining because it's always so busy, they're usually quiet at this time of year...

  oresome 17:19 06 Feb 2009

We went on Wednesday and I didn't see anything to write home about. (writing on here's different) We chose a time when I thought it would be quiet, especially with the weather conditions as they were, but no such luck.

I did notice they now price the wet fish per 100 grams, because the price per kilogram seems so expensive.

  spuds 17:43 06 Feb 2009

Try Iceland, many a good £1 bargain to be had there.

Peking duck with rice, Beef stew and dumplings,Chilli con carne and rice, Sticky Toffee cheesecake all for £4.00 total, which will see us right this evening :O)

  oresome 19:36 06 Feb 2009

What! All of them?
What a mixture!

We've had a few 2 eat for £10

  oresome 19:41 06 Feb 2009

Don't know what happened there! As I was saying

........We've had a few "2 eat for £10" meals from M&S and Waitrose recently and enjoyed them.

With a few extra bits we've made them feed three of us.........and one doesn't drink the wine which is a shame.

  ronalddonald 09:20 07 Feb 2009

how many f you are over weight and how amnay of you have health problems. Great deals yeah but what about the excess weight your carrying around from meat. It s laright chuck i be alright eating so much fat and grease and to too it of with great deals. REMEMBER NOW SENSIBLE EATING PLEASE.

  Kevscar1 14:05 07 Feb 2009

For thousands of years man survived without healthy eating so I don't think I'll start to worry now.

  Stuartli 14:30 07 Feb 2009

I eat as well as anybody, if not better.

I don't carry any excess weight and have never done so at any time in my life.

Man is generally an omnivore and has been for thousands of years; have a look at the style and layout of your gnashers...:-)

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