Aria... Serious problem!

  Zytec 18:37 10 Oct 2005

I've been using them for 4 years or so and a lot more recently as I've been building PC's for friends colleagues etc in my spare time.

A recent order Included a Kingston 2gb USB flash drive, which was faulty when received.

The fault description (I stated in the RMA):-


The Kingston 2Gb usb drive is faulty, it installs and shows as a 256GB drive, (I wish it was), and asks if I want to format it which it then says it can't do. Note I have tried it on three different computers, (all with different hardware)


Aria have now updated my RMA status as:-

"Kingston state this is a forgery".

I like to know how to pursue this best, as the drive if really a forgery was supplied to me from Aria as such.

They haven't accused me of sending them a forgery yet, but I will be inclined to treat such an accusation extremely seriously! and will definately want to pursue it legally.

Anyone please advise on my best course of action at this point?

  Forum Editor 18:50 10 Oct 2005

so you can't do much, except remind the company that you purchased the drive from them. You'll have evidence of that, although it will simply prove that you purchased a drive - not that you purchased the particular drive they now have in their possession.

Let's explore the possibilities:-

1. Aria have deliberately supplied you with a forged drive.

2. They have inadvertantly supplied you with a forged drive.

3. The drive isn't forged at all - Aria are lying.

4. You're lying - you returned a forged drive that you bought somewhere else.

5. Nobody's lying - the drive isn't forged at all.

I think we can discount 1. 3. and 4. - which leaves two possibilities:-

If the drive is really forged, and Aria have inadvertantly got hold of a batch of them in some way I would expect them to have received more complaints/returns, and you could always put that to them.

If the drive isn't forged one asks oneself why a reputable company like Kingston would say otherwise. That leads us to the conclusion that the drive may well be forged, and that Aria have in some way been supplied with it/them.

You need to press them on these points - a company that cares about its relationship with a regular customer will want to resolve this as rapidly as possible - it's in its own interests to do that.

  Forum Editor 18:54 10 Oct 2005

that you shouldn't get hot under the collar about legal action just yet. As far as I can see you haven't been accused of anything by anyone - Aria have simply passed on what they say they've been told by Kingston. You might think that there's an implied allegation there, but it isn't something that I would recommend following up on - what you want is a working drive, or your money back, and the way to achieve either is (at least for the moment) to maintain a sense of goodwill between you and Aria.

  jimv7 19:09 10 Oct 2005

Strange, as I recently bought a 256 drive from arie on behalf of a friend, that failed after 5 weeks, the rma went painlessly and I recieved a new 1 promptly with apologies.

  jimv7 19:10 10 Oct 2005

sorry aria.

  Zytec 22:14 10 Oct 2005

Thank you for the replies, I'll wait for them to officially contact me about the RMA status, it's currently still pending as a keyboard / mouse combo was also sent back because of intermittent "enter" key and creeping mouse pointer.....

Interestingly this drive did appear more "cheaply" made, at least compared to a Crucial and X pro I have here, it was also purchased from their web super specials.

This is the drive Aria sent me, the only Kingston 2Gb dive I've bought, and even if I were trying to pull a fast one sending back a fake in it's place, pressing the matter further at this point would not be very sensible.

If as I assume they will simply return it to me saying it is fake, will a strong but polite letter to the MD marked private & confidential, stating my disapproval and intention to take the matter further be the next best course?

Also legally my issue is with Aria? I'm not involved with Kingston regardless of their stance?

  Forum Editor 00:02 11 Oct 2005

Your contract is/was with Aria, and you must pursue this matter with them.

I suggest that you write to the company - by all means address the letter to the managing director - and send the letter by special delivery (not recorded delivery). Tell them that you intend to pursue this matter until you receive an answer as to why a drive which you purchased from them has been ruled to be a fake by the manufacturers. Say that you bought the drive in good faith, and that unless you receive either a full refund or a brand new drive within fourteen days you intend to take further action to resolve the matter. At this stage don't go into specifics about what action you might take.

Technically you have been provided with an item that is not fit for its purpose, and in such circumstances you may demand a refund or replacement.

  Da-B-Man 13:17 11 Oct 2005

there seems to be a lot of forgerys out there nowadays, I also bought a kingston usb flash disk and it failed on me within its first month. Sent back to kingston who said it was a fake. Because i bought off ebay from a seller who is no longer registred there was nothing that i could do. Good luck with getting a replacement.

  spuds 14:09 11 Oct 2005

Before writing that letter,perhaps a look at this site may help click here I cannot find Aria though in their direct computer/software link, but the rest could be of help.

  Zytec 12:02 12 Oct 2005


RMA48249 has the following update:

Item ID: 66881 USB Keyboard & Mouse Red was found to be faulty and a refund of £9.95 + VAT has been issued.

Item ID: 67902 Kingston 2GB Fast USB 2 Pen Drive was found to be faulty and a refund of £65.00 + VAT has been issued.

Please allow time for us to make these adjustments, thank you.

So well done Aria and I officially apologise for doubting them> unfortunately past bad experiences with Ebuyer, (to name a bad one), has tainted me somewhat.

It leaves two interesting points though

1. How were Aria supplied fake Kingston drives? or did they look at my customer history and decide to let it go whatever.

2. Was it wise in hindsight to update the RMA status as "Kingston state this is a forgery" before checking point 1 out?

3. Someone from Aria read this thread? I personally haven't contacted them at all since sending the items back other than to ask for a refund on the USB drive instead of replacement initially requested, because the customer no longer required it due to the delay

Once again, thanks all, and perhaps next time I wont be quite so quick to throw all my toys out of my pram ;-)

  t.long 21:46 12 Oct 2005

I ordered a monitor from Aria, well I ordered on the 4/10. My credit card was charges on the 5/10, then on the 10/10 I recieved an email stating the product was out of stock. I left a comment against he product on Aria's website, asking when new stock was expected. No reply, so I emailed on the 11/10 again asking when new stock was expected. and yet again no reply.

I apreciate it has not been a trmendous amount of time, and clearly Aria are busy people. But I would like to know what is going on.

To muddy the waters, and I would add that the order was for several items, split across Arias warehouses, one of the products arrived on the 6/10. So I can understand the debiting of my credit card. However the value involved - <£25.00 - does not realy compare to the total sum of £408.21 for the whole order.

The email sent on the 10/10 stated that Internet Orders could not be amended because of the cost of delivery. However If I am going to have to wait a long time for the rest of the order I think I would quite like to amend the order.

So what should I do, I have never had any problems with Aria, and like to use them. But I find the lack of communication frustrating. I think I will call them in the morning.

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