aria pc components

  polish 19:59 19 Jan 2005

has any body got any experience of aria iam thinking of buying some components from them or recommend any other

  Diodorus Siculus 21:52 19 Jan 2005

Pretty good I expect - otherwise they would not be going so long.

I usually suggest because of the excellent service I have received from them.

  Rigga 22:01 19 Jan 2005

I must admit I was quite sceptical about Aria as their prices are so low, however I have ordered several things from them, all arrived next day, in good working order.

However I have not had the "pleasure" of using their customer support as all the items I have ordered have worked from the box and are still working!

So cannot comment on that part of their business.

All in all I would order from them again.


  Totally-braindead 13:37 20 Jan 2005

I've only ordered once from Aria, the item arrived quickly enough and I'd use them again BUT the proof of a good company to me is what happens when something goes wrong. Do they sort it out reasonably quickly? I have to say because I've only used Aria once I don't know about their aftersales service. Ebuyer I detest - took them 3 months to reinburse me for 7 faulty components, Dabs ok item replaced in a reasonable time, same as Watfords. The only company I've bought from that have never sent me a faulty component is Novatech so they have to be my favourite component supplier.

  walesrob 14:02 20 Jan 2005

I used Aria to buy a 15" TFT. It arrived damaged, and was returned. Then, I heard nothing for 3 weeks, none of my emails were replied to, phone calls to Customer services were put on hold for 40 minutes, gave up trying and only a recorded delivery letter and a strongly worded fax brought a refund. Even then it took 2 weeks to process the actual refund, and they would not refund the cost of me returning the monitor (£18.50, because they claimed I should have told them first, which I did, but THEY DIDNT ANSWER MY EMAILS!!!!!!). I wont be using these people again, and I'd rather pay extra at Dabs or Savastore.

I'm sure my experience is not typical of Aria as a whole, but hey, in business, bad news travels faster than good news.

  The Kestrel 14:12 20 Jan 2005

Go to the Aria site and look at the comments, both good and bad, from customers for the various products they sell. There are far more good than bad.

I bought a TFT monitor from them just after Christmas. It arrived in two days and worked perfectly from the start, and is still doing so.

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