ARIA - Customer Service is a Joke

  Sic 12:19 21 Dec 2006

I made the ill fated decision to try a new supplier (regular Ebuyer user) and bought a mother board of this 'company' at the end of November.

The mobo arrived DOA, no great suprise, the packaging was very poor. I instigated an RMA for return (**WARNING** They WILL try and get you to return to manafacturer even though its DOA and THEIR responsibility, but thats another Aria moment)and posted the item back. Within a couple days the item was confirmed as DOA, i was told the item was now out of stock so i requested a refund.

No refund appeared, i then got an email (9th December) saying they had issued me with a credit note for their site! (Minus the £6.50 delivery charge???!!!!! It seems Aria expect their customers to pay for them suppling broken poorly packaged goods).

Since then i have spoken to customer support 4 times (Chris S, Robbie and Steve) who all said they would sort the refund, nothing, phoned today, nothing on my account requesting a refund, no mention of all previous calls and emails, great way to run a company.

They REFUSED to give me a phone number or email address for their customer services manager (Sean Kavanagh - anyone got it?) and would not even put my call through, obviously they really respect their customers.

So in short, appalling customer service, refuse to give me my money back or even let me talk to a manager about the situation. The FE does not want people saying 'don't buy from comapny X, so i won't!!!!!! But i would say try Ebuyer rather than some other clowns in the market.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:19 21 Dec 2006

0161 2481600

Not much help but will save you the cost of national rate numbers...

  Sic 15:45 21 Dec 2006

Cheers DS, will give it another crack, but they are draining my will to live!

  P1d 17:46 21 Dec 2006

I've used aria a few times, only had to send one item back and didn't have any problems at all. I do read their forum quite a bit and have noticed some people who do have problems post on the forum and people get back to them pretty quickly. It may be worth a try?

  P1d 17:47 21 Dec 2006

Sorry I forgot to include the link;

click here

  Sic 10:43 24 Dec 2006

Well i emailed the customer service manager and phoned the support team, who said they would get him to call me, still has not happened, no rersponse to email either!

Money was not refunded yesterday as promised, so thats it till after Christmas now. They are acting like virtual thiefs, refusing to refund my money and not even responding to refund requests even though they have had their merchandise for weeks now.

ARIA, do you treat all your customers like this, or is this your special festive behavior?

  The Brigadier 21:27 24 Dec 2006

Suggest you contact either BBC Watchdog or Consumer Direct @ Trading Standards for more help.

Or the FE here may be able to have a word on your behalf??

  Sic 12:51 28 Dec 2006

Well some 19 days after Aria acknowledged the returned mobo was dead, they have refunded my money, well the mobo cost, not the £8.17 delivery cost (not the return postal cost of £7.50 that has also not been refunded).

Currently on hold to their customer service number which appears to br manned by one asbo holding youth.

Am losing my patience with these jokers, or should i say criminals??

  Probabilitydrive 13:04 28 Dec 2006

Careful with the axe eugene...However upsetting your experience must have been, I see no justification to use terms like "criminals, jokers".
Otherwise, the next axe you will grind is (in all likelyhood) with the forum rules. ;-)

  Sic 17:19 28 Dec 2006

The question mark denotes the question of their motives, otherwise it would have been a statement of fact, so every justification.

And yes they are jokers, i have given them 19 days to refunbd my money, one excuse after the other but the whole time they sit on my cash. I started with patience, i gave them options, if they wish to treat their sutomers this badly, they shall have their dirty laundry aired in public to save someone else the grief.

  Probabilitydrive 22:34 28 Dec 2006

bad language of any kind is not allowed here, regardless whether terms are put in question marks or not. Using terms like yours do not support your cause.
Your focus should be now to things sorted quickly. Do you want a refund or a replacement system?
What is your next cause of action?

"..... Be clear in your mind why you are dissatisfied. Was it the way you were treated? A wrong decision? Defective goods? What exactly went wrong?

Be clear in your own mind what you want to happen as a result of making a complaint. Do you want an apology? Do you want a different decision? Do you want the proper service that should have been provided in the first place? Do you want replaced goods?...."

extract from click here

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