aria customer non service!

  kenny 21:32 13 Feb 2004

i bought an abit kv7 an amd 2800 chip and 512mb of ddr 400 ram.
when it was delivered the ram would not recognize as ddr400 but rather ddr266.
also the chip would only show as a 2500 and when manually changed in the bios to 2800 the system would not boot up at all. i returned it all to aria for testing and on tuesday on the phone i was told that all the individual pieces were working, although i was told that the ram was probably incompatible.
this not stated on their tech specs and i am sure that like myself 90% of their cutomers go by the specs displayed on their monitor.
however aria take a different point of view, but during my phone call the customer services rep agreed that they would replace the generic memory with geil and not charge any test fee and the parts would be sent out on wed. when they did not arrive i rang again and got a different rep who was beligerent to say the least, and he told me that they were not going to do anything i had been told on tuesday and were in fact looking for £16.95 + vat to return the parts. when asked about the memory which was in stock on tuesday and was to be sent out on wed. was no longer in stock and the rep was not too interested in trying to sort a customer who was already very unhappy with their service. so the upshot is that i have no ram having relunctantly took a refund (out of which they are apparently taking out the postage) but now i have to look for new ram and hope that it will be compatible with this board. i liked using aria in the past but now i would only use them as a last resort even if ti meant a few pound more elsewhere.
it was a lesson learnt today! ALWAYS get a name!

  leo49 21:47 13 Feb 2004

You don't have to hope about the ram - go to Crucial and find what suits your mobo.

click here

  anchor 09:29 14 Feb 2004

Follow leo49`s advice; buy from Crucial.

Crucial also give a lifetime warranty on their ram. Good prices and good service.

  Forum Editor 09:54 14 Feb 2004

a maximum 2Gb of 2 DIMM Un-buffered DDR 333/400 RAM and should be stable with an AMD CPU 2800 with a FSB of 166Mhz using a multiplier of 13.5

I'm not quite clear - did you buy the RAM with the board, or did you buy it separately? If you bought it at the same time, and made it clear that it was for use with the board it is the retailer's resposibility to ensure compatibility.

  kenny 18:36 14 Feb 2004

i bought the chip, ram and motherboard at the same time in the same order. very disappointed wth their attitude to the matter

  ensonricky 20:42 14 Feb 2004

The multiplier for the AMD 2800+ should be 12.5 not 13.5. Or have perchance you tracked down the fabled 2800+ with the Thoroughbread core?

  ensonricky 21:37 14 Feb 2004


  kenny 12:11 17 Feb 2004

spoke to aria today and got the same answer that they are not responsible for compatibility and they are still taking the position that whilst all the items will not work together, they work individually and therefore they feel that they have no case to defend and will not budge.
still have not got back the rest (mobo and chip), though this is supposed to out today.
then again it was meant to go out last tuesday and then again last friday.
this is costing a fortune in telephone calls as well as carriage.can you help?

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