Argos Desktop PC - Where's the Catch?

  PiemasterUK 11:20 26 Feb 2014

So I am looking for a new PC. Nothing too fancy, I have no real desire to play the latest version of Medal of Honor or Call of Duty or whatever you kids are playing these days. I do a bit of coding so I would like a reasonable amount of RAM, and I have 20 years of files kicking around so a decent sized HD would be nice, but I don't need a ninja processor or TotR graphics card or anything.

In the old days when I actually worked in IT (circa 2000 - 2004) I would just build my own from PCs from components. Then prices came right down and it wasn't worth my while any more and my last two have come from PC World and an Online retailer respectively. Now I am kind of clueless where the best place to buy from is any more. Blindly searching the internet it seemed that a PC from a reputable manufacturer with 8GB of RAM and a 1TB HD would cost about £500-£600 sans monitor. Then I came across this on Argos of all places:

click here course, being Argos, in-depth technical specifications are non-existent. Also, being Argos, the customer reviews (mostly good FWIW) seem mainly focused on how easy it was to set up and use, which are not really my primary concerns. It's HP so the inner components should be of at least acceptable quality. I know Argos are generally pretty cheap, but this seems to be suspiciously so. I feel there must be some kind of catch.

Any opinions?


  BRYNIT 12:53 26 Feb 2014

It looks like CLICK HERE from John lewis. I purchased one for my Mother and took it back as it seemed slower than the computer it was replacing (this may have been just me as I was comparing it to the one it was replacing).

If it is the same as the John lewis one, inside the case you will find a small mother board smaller than a Matx with no expansion slots not even to add a graphics card, CPU + fan + one case fan and memory nothing else you can not even add an extra HD. The power supply is like the power block you get with a laptop and connect to the outside of the case. It has no USB3 or SATA3 connections. The Argos one has win 8 installed but can be upgraded to 8.1 via the App store. The John lewis one has now, by the looks of the web page been updated to win 8.1.

Its a basic computer for basic needs.

1]: [click here

  PiemasterUK 13:19 26 Feb 2014

Cheers for the info Brynit. If it is the same model then maybe that is the catch. The fact there is no model number or full tech spec it's difficult to verify.

  BRYNIT 13:27 26 Feb 2014

On the Argos web site if you scroll down the page it does give the specs and does seem identical to the one supplied via John Lewis.

  spuds 15:02 26 Feb 2014

I don't know if you had noticed, but with the Argos website, it no only gives customer reviews but also provisions for Q&A's if you have any queries before making the purchase (42 queries have already been posted for that particular computer.

Another point that might be worth considering with Argos, is there interest free finance periods on offer, if you have or obtain an Argos store card.

  PiemasterUK 15:27 26 Feb 2014

Good spot spuds. No, I am not particularly familiar with the Argos website and never spotted this before. Reading through all the Q&A it seems it is a HP Pavilion 110-020ea (click here doesn't appear to be the same one as Brynit got from John Lewis although they appear to be from the same range.


  Batch 17:20 26 Feb 2014

This is a pretty slow processor for the money.

Ebuyer have this click here for £300 (£200 after trade in) but no operating system included. And is much faster processor. If I was in the market for a PC now, I could well be tempted as seems like a v. good deal.

I currently have a Zoostorm desktop (6 months old). Gigabyte mobo (with onboard Intel graphics and Realtek sound), Western Digital HDD, generic memory (but works fine), cheap PSU (but dead easy to replace for not a lot of £).

  PiemasterUK 17:59 26 Feb 2014

Is processor speed even an issue anymore for anybody except for high-end gamers?

  The Kestrel 14:40 27 Feb 2014

Perhaps have a look at this Zoostorm PC from Argos click here It has an i5 3GHz processor plus the 8Gb of RAM and 1Tb hard drive.

  Woolwell 15:04 27 Feb 2014

Is processor speed an issue? Yes and not just for high-end gamers. Video editing and even some photo editing programs will benefit from better processors. It depends on what you want to do with the pc.

  onthelimit1 10:53 28 Feb 2014

You could also take a look at Novatech. A well regarded company.

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