Are you using Eclipse Broadband in the UK?

  Pastor Joe 19:22 16 Jan 2008

Are you using Eclipse Broadband in the UK?

Is it any good?

Does it interfer with Peer 2 peer?

Has it limited you in any way?

Have you had any problems with it.

I need to get away from AOL and am looking at lots of ISP's. So far Eclipse looks pretty good but I'd like a few personal recomendations before I jump.

  iscanut 19:44 16 Jan 2008

I have used Eclipse for over 3 years and have been very happy so far. Good customer service, phone & email plus on site and have been getting on average approx 4Kbps, although at times it has slowed to below 2 but have got nearly 6 at quiet times. On a monthly contract at £14.99. Cannot comment re P2P as I dont use it. I may be biased as am in Exeter, which is where Eclipse is based and started out years ago when I had them on dial up.

  pchelper001 20:10 16 Jan 2008

do you mean 4mbps not 4kbps as this seems extraordinarily slow!

  iscanut 14:45 17 Jan 2008

Yes, my typing is not what it should be. 4Kbps is even slower than the old dial up !!! My apologies.

  iscanut 16:38 17 Jan 2008

Sorry about the typo error...Eclipse is fast enough for me and has proved to be reliable.
Link is here should you need it
click here
I can reccommend this isp. If you do sign up, say I sent you ( id is 141414 )

  RobCharles1981 17:02 17 Jan 2008

Hi Pastor Joe you might like to check out the click here first for its reviews but I can't see nothing about Eclipse also while your over there do a Broadband Checker and see what services u can get and post back here.

  iscanut 17:30 17 Jan 2008

In your link, if you click on ISP List, you will find Eclipse is listed. It does exist !!

  Pastor Joe 17:44 17 Jan 2008

I can get 6.5Mb/s, it says.

  iscanut 17:47 17 Jan 2008

Although I recommend Eclipse, many do not, so it is a matter of personal judgement. I should hate it if you signed up on my say so and then got rubbish service ! Take your time deciding. I have heard good reports about ZEN
click here

  124879 17:53 17 Jan 2008

.. but not anymore. The only problem I had with Eclipse was that file downloading was no where near the speed my connection could do. I never got above 400kb/s downloading no matter what I did. Same really with P2P.

Still there always sorted out any problems and with monthly contracts you can also try it for a month.

  RobCharles1981 17:57 17 Jan 2008

In your link, if you click on ISP List, you will find Eclipse is listed. It does exist !!

Woops so it is I need new glasses!!

Paster Joe I have emailed you as well.

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