Are you up to speed?

  Forum Editor 07:00 23 Feb 2007

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Does your broadband connection ever reach the speed advertised by your ISP, or is it a case of 'it's fast enough, so I really don't bother to check'?

  Mark5001 07:05 23 Feb 2007

Just run a test on my virgin Media 10 meg connection and got a download speed of 9853kbps and upload of 490kbps.This speed is about normal for my connection at any given time.

  delantero 08:16 23 Feb 2007

Here in Spain there are far fewer broadband providers than in the UK. Some offer (up to) 20 megs but from what I have heard very few people get anywhere near those type of speeds. I have 3 megs with telefonica and my speed is always around 2.3-2.4 megs.

  Zero G 08:24 23 Feb 2007

Speed should be 8MB, but due to "technical issues" we get anything from 2.4 to 3.9MB on a good day.

  Totally-braindead 08:33 23 Feb 2007

I must admit I'm of the "its fast enough so I really don't bother to check brigade".
If it slowed down then I would probably run tests.

  €dstowe 08:37 23 Feb 2007

I get between 3Mb and 7Mb - widely varying depending on the time of day and the day of the week (Saturday and Sunday afternoons tend to be slow). I suppose it averages at about 5Mb.

I'm quite happy with that, even though it's not the 8Mb as hoped for.

  modelflyer 09:32 23 Feb 2007

Mine is advertised at 8Mb but I get an average of 5.3 which is plenty fast enough for me.

  961 09:57 23 Feb 2007

On the basis that this rural location, the thick end of 4 miles from the exchange, initially got 512 and we were told we were lucky, yet this morning is running at 3.2Mbps I am well satisfied. Ping speeds have dropped though so it's not quite lightning fast as it may appear

However, reliable connections at this speed are something we would not have thought possible 3 years ago

  silverous 10:02 23 Feb 2007

I'm around 512 - 1MB most of the time - I believe it is due to distance from exchange. Doesn't worry me too much as it is perfectly acceptable speed for most things and I don't do lots of downloading.

  Stuartli 10:02 23 Feb 2007

It will be stated as "Up to 8MB".

My TalkTalk 2MB service is almost invariably at around 1,870-1,890kbps, with uploads at 240-242kbps.

These figures are slightly better than my previous Tiscali service.

My 4Mb Telewest connection at home always ran at that speed, no matter what time of the day I tested it.

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