are you an O2 customer, and if so, do you get unwanted telemarketing calls on the same level as TT?

  theDarkness 16:02 15 Jun 2011

If you are an O2 customer, do you get unwanted telemarketing calls on the same level as some unlucky Talk Talk customers? Despite having switched to being 'private' or the equal term to ensure that I do not receive surveys/advertising/upgrade queries from TT multiple times, they still happen, and in june seem to be at an all time high. These telemarketing centres are almost always foreign (india/south africa). They may be rather large, with the same centres being shared by many uk companies at once, hence the caller asking me for a loan from the same number as TT used before, as an example. This no doubt confuses customers as to whether they are genuine calls or not - arguably you could put the calls in the same league, as if its not a survey, they are both usually after your money regardless! Perhaps the same staff may even call on behalf of more than one company. These centres simply not deleting my details from their database is obviously the reason for the constant calls, even when TT keep telling me that I should 'no longer receive them'. When I receive advertising from these same centres/numbers, it may not be so simple if I am on more than one companies database in the same centre, or in related centres in other locations, often being in another country altogether. Its fairly obvious that companies such as TT may have very little to no control over their abroad telemarketing, and its bound to be sheer luck if any telemarketing centre decides to remove someone from their database (as if they only had one, and if it would ever happen). I dont think it will ever get bad enough to warrant a bbc documentary, but these calls are rather annoying, and that robot/automated dialling should be made illegal, lol.

So I wondered if anyone else is getting hassle from foreign (or not) telemarketing, yet are not using TT. Do O2 ever use them? A few users have stated before that when they call O2 they always get british staff, but do they ever receive surveys/advertising of any sort? I wonder if things have changed over the yrs with BT following along the same lines to save money. Does anyone know what other companies use them as their main way of contacting their customers? Im sure you can get them as a result of inputting your phone information online on websites etc, but Ive never had any calls as the result of that, they are always related to a TT used call centre, even if the call I receive is not directly relating to TT. PS I no longer answer any of these calls, if I dont recognise it, I simply ignore it :) I try not to entice them to keep calling. Doesnt seem to work though!

  ICF 18:43 15 Jun 2011

I'm with O2 and I have had several callers with an Indian accent saying they are doing a survey. The best way to deal with it is because they always ask for the bill payer say you will go and get him or her and just leave them on the line.

  Confab 19:53 15 Jun 2011

I’m with O2 and have been for a few years with both broadband and mobile phones. I’ve had literally a couple of telephone calls from them saying that they would like to do a survey. The first time I refused but the second time I accepted and it was just that – a survey on their service. It took about ten minutes. They did not and have not tried to sell me anything. Any yes, when I’ve called O2 I have on the most part spoken to someone with a British accent (not that an “overseas” accent bothers me one bit).


  theDarkness 22:57 15 Jun 2011

Its easier to simply not answer, if its not friends or family I am very unlikely to get calls from elsewhere. ICF - haha, just lie in hope that they dont try and ever get you back with their own pranks in future ;) Not so good to hear that BTs O2 internet service may have also started using call centres for surveying or advertising (perhaps they have done for years?) but the amount of calls Ive been getting from TT related centres have been pretty constant over the last couple of months, every couple of days. Many telemarketers may no doubt employ more temp staff over the late spring/summer. Ive no problem with telephone companies using foreign call centres, although it does save the telephone companies money, it may get those into work in areas that may be far worse off than the uk.. but just stop calling me :) I think the most was around 5 in one day, and Ive never started a survey in my life -perhaps thats the problem, as you say Confab, they just want one completed and theyll leave me alone for good. Id very much doubt it though, lol :)

  Pine Man 14:07 16 Jun 2011

Been with O2 since they started with broadband and mobile phone, now with land line phone as well and NEVER had any calls from them that weren't generated by something I had prompted. Never had any requests regarding a survey at all.

All contact that I have had with O2 has been with British sounding people albeit sometimes there is a very strong Geordie accent;-)

  theDarkness 16:11 16 Jun 2011

Im still wondering as to whether to switch back to BT at the end of my 18 month contract, lol :) I thought at first of switching to seperate companies, one for the net and one for the phone, especially when regarding cost, but that just makes things awkward when billing, and I wouldnt know who to go for anyway. I dont mind where the calls come from at all really, as long as I understand them, and dont get any constant surveys! It definately sounds like TalkTalk may have at first initially taken on too many customers to handle with the bad press they may have had in the past, but aside from the telemarketing calls Ive had no major issues. Ive noticed a very slight speed slowdown at busy periods (eg wkends) but I think this is fairly common to ensure everyone gets to use the service efficiently. I guess you usually get what you pay for, with Talk Talk being cheap compared to most of the other big names, but they should be able to handle their database of callers that are not on any marketing lists far more efficiently-foreign or not. I wonder how much control talk talk really has on these call centres, especially the ones outside good 'ol uk.. thanks for the info-good to know that you dont receive any surveying or telemarketing, im guessing youre definately ex-dir or have requested to be taken off any advertising lists

  theDarkness 16:16 16 Jun 2011

search for 'angry bt customer' on youtube, it seems to have be blocked in my first sentence above-i think just about everyone has heard it though, but it just goes to show that the customer is "not always right", lol :)

  Condom 19:27 18 Jun 2011

Somehow I don't think this is connected with who your line is with. Some of these Cold Calling centres have purchased your number and if they have it you will eventually be called. You used to be able to register with the TPA to stop this but I've been with the TPA for years and it doesn't stop the calls from overseas as they appear to just ignore the fact that you are on the TPA list. Quite often they use computers to call numbers and so often your phone will ring when they have no-one to talk to you so you get silence and then the dialing tone.

I tend to get my calls about 6-7 pm and I also ask them to hold and go back to eating my dinner hanging up when I have finished eating.

  theDarkness 16:05 19 Jun 2011

My number was almost always ex-directory with BT, before switching to TalkTalk. I know some on TalkTalk who are also annoyed at these calls. The majority of them do seem to be coming from TalkTalks own telemarketing centres in india and south africa, even if they are sometimes offering something unrelated to the actual phone line, but I think you are right in that theres little that can be done about the calls now, even if I switched back to BT, especially if my number is already 'out there' with other telemarketers that may be using or even sharing old BT number databases. Im just hoping my number doesnt eventually become the telephone equivalent of an overused email address, instead of being overloaded with spam, getting these calls every hour one day, but then theres always the option of paying to change number

  Covergirl 11:30 27 Jun 2011

TT Broadband & O2 Mobile. No calls from either but I registered with TPF ages ago. I had one text message survey from O2 immediately after I bought a phone off them, otherwise just when I top up and they give me my 10% back.

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