Are we paying too much?

  Bourbon Rovers 21:28 26 Jan 2004

I have compared the price of a Pentax Optio 550 digital camera from Internet Cameras Direct and with VAT and delivery this comes to £369. I found the same camera at 42nd Street Photo and the cost was £250 including delivery. Would there be any technical differences, for example, when you buy extra memory cards? Would there be any additional tax to pay? And what sort of guarantee or warranty is offered?

This of course begs a wider question about price comparisons that I just don't have the knowledge and experience to answer.

Anybody know?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:23 26 Jan 2004

You will have to pay import duty and air freight. The airfreight + insurance alone should be about $62 and you would then be liable for customs duty and VAT so you can stick on an extra 25%+. You also run the risk of buying from a 'grey import' shop or receiving an item that is *ahem* repackaged. Interestingly I did not see on the site that they were selling brand new cameras....... There may also be a problem if you have to return the camera ($62+return post of $62). Looking at the above, Internet Cameras seems positively cheap and safe.


  Bourbon Rovers 22:41 26 Jan 2004

Thanks for the low down. Those deals don't seem so rosy now? As the old expression "Too good to be true" often means that exactly. I guess I should really consider that the good old Ukay is really Okay.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:52 26 Jan 2004

Usually buying anything in the States incurs a sales tax of 5-8% which is added at the till.


  TOPCAT® 23:01 26 Jan 2004

about grey imports, you can see from click here USA Inc are well aware of these imports being sold by some dealers over there. TC.

  TOPCAT® 23:02 26 Jan 2004
  Forum Editor 23:20 26 Jan 2004

many American companies will not ship products to addresses in the UK - we have one of the worst records for online credit card fraud, and they simply won't take the risk.

  Stuartli 08:36 27 Jan 2004

Because of the fact, as the FE states, many US online retailers will not deal with orders from outside the States, I found that there were companies who would order on your behalf and forward the goods.

One of them was

click here

but the prices it charged just didn't make it worthwhile.

This is another:

click here

It's a shame because I have successfully ordered computer related items in the past from the States and had no problems placing the order or with delivery.

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