are Taiyo Yuden discs really the best choice for long term storage, and where to buy?

  theDarkness 16:01 24 May 2011

Burning fairly large amounts of data onto multiple dvds or even blu ray, from any hd, is such a tiresome and slow process! It would seem that other than using hds, external or internal, we are still all awaiting the ultimate format to one day show itself. Ive never had a clicking hard drive (yet!) and I do store my discs in zip cases to prevent scratching, but hard drives at least are becoming so ridiculously large now (1 TB+) to suggest that so many users, in the minority or not, are going to become prone to losing huge amounts of data with failing drives. I know of many that tend to use external hard drives as their ONLY source of backup.. but is this such a good idea? I cant find anything to suggest that they are becoming any more reliable or lasting any longer than they were 5 years ago. I always try and suggest to them that the same data onto more than one storage device is always the key to be safe, but no one ever listens. Doh! :)

Anyway, on to the point-Ive been meaning to back up all my importat data for the long term (other than at present having to use multiple hard drives)-are taiyo yuden dvds really the best choice? This was the cheapest store I could find, but I have not heard of it before:- link text 100 discs for £20 sounds a bit suspicious to me, unless they really arent of the best quality-I have heard this brand is one of the most faked, since this manufacturers disc quality is supposedly of such a high standard. Has anyone used this store?

  hastelloy 20:12 24 May 2011

I have mostly used Verbatim and have been happy with them although informed advice seems to recommend taiyo yuden. I would go for Taiyo Yuden if I were buying - I only use printable as I make my own films. These 95link text95 from your link are NOT Taiyo Yuden - they are Media star manufactured using Taiyo Yuden dyes - not uncommon - you have to read the small (or sometimes not so small) print.

Having said that, I would never use CDs or DVDs for backup as I have had discs become unusable after only 2 or 3 years. I have a lot of video, photo and music files on my G drive (internal) backed up on at least 2 external drives (I have 2 x 500 GB and 2 x 1TB plus a 500 GB partitioned into 2 x 250 GB's - 1 for C drive backup and 1 for D drive backup). None of my external drives are switched on unless I am backing up (or recovering, if necessary).

I think this is known as "belt and braces".

  theDarkness 20:58 24 May 2011

thanks for that-I always use verbatim also. I think some of their discs also used to have the same yuden dye, but according to some discussions they switched manufacturers a fair while ago to produce more cheaply, and as a result there is a higher risk of obtaining far poorer discs, with some of their sets now produced in china and india. Ive never had a problem with any verbatim dvd-r/+r discs though, and everything ive burnt so far is still reading with no issues.

I found that shop linked from another forum, there were a few users stating that the discs were a real bargain, as they were "genuine taiyo yuden discs", so they werent reading the often not so small print either! The website seems to suggest that just because its using the same dye, then these mediastar discs will therefore offer an 'exceptional level of performance', ie on par with taiyo yudens own. The jury is out on that one, as Ive never tried any mediastar branded discs, but the high level of praise is sure to make most believe that they are of the same level in terms of quality. If thats not the case, then I guess thats just clever advertising :) Has anyone tried the mediastar brand, or even heard of them?

  hastelloy 08:22 25 May 2011

I'd never heard of Mediastar before. From what I have read, the higher cost of genuine TY discs reflects the high standard of quality control, not only of the dye, but also of the discs.

  JoeC 13:09 25 May 2011

Have a read here - it gives some useful information. link text I am with Marvin42 on this and backup to two separate external drives (my hobby is photography.) I rarely backup to a CD / DVD unless it is for short term only.

  theDarkness 21:49 25 May 2011

The majority of files I back up that take up the most space are also photography and graphics related. I already have one external hd at the moment - a 500gb maxtor basics/seagate drive, which Ive never had issues with, used for over a couple of years now. For non important files ive always backed up to dvd, making sure I always verify, and stored in zip cases. I think I will go with another external drive, using one for main storage and the other for fairly regular transfer between systems. Ive ordered a western digital elements 1tb drive from amazon, £40 seemed like the best deal, so heres hoping it lasts :) thanks

  KremmenUK 07:05 27 May 2011

Forget CDR's etc and if you want long term storage and consider flash memory. USB sticks not too expensive these days for irreplaceable data.

  theDarkness 10:59 29 May 2011

I had a flash drive a fair while back which died on me, suddenly stopped working for no reason, although it was one of the cheapest out there with very limited space. Im thinking for a faster transfer speed I should have went for an internal hard drive together with a external caddy, but ill know next time :) thanks

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