Are Scan or Asus responsible ?

  dave_the_red 11:31 19 Jul 2006

On 4th February i bought a 17" Asus tft monitor from Scan Computers. Now as of last night it has a horizontal line from one side of the screen to the other (about 3 pixels wide and everything within this line appears lighter than the rest of the screen).

I contacted Asus who said to return it to Scan, then i phoned Scan and surprise surprise they said that i need to deal with Asus directly as they have some kind of deal going with them. I contact Asus again and they say "speak to Scan".

So does anybody have any idea on who the responsibility to repair/replace my monitor lies with ?



  silverous 12:23 19 Jul 2006

I think they are both acting shockingly trying to pass the buck like this.

This may be of interest:

click here

As I suspected, the responsibility is with the retailer first and foremost. They may suggest it is easier to go direct to Asus (who the warranty will be with). I actually think Asus is behaving badly however you might want to get Scan to 'have a word' with them because as per above it is ultimately Scan's responsibility.

You could either ask Asus WHY they won't just take it for repair or tell Scan that you are aware that legally they are responsible under the Sale of Goods act for the repair of it and you would like them to take it up with Asus on your behalf.

Let us know how you go.

  dave_the_red 12:32 19 Jul 2006

Thanks for the info, i will take it up with Scan at dinnertime. I am sure if i mention the sale of goods act it might make them think again.



  €dstowe 13:03 19 Jul 2006

Just the mention that you know something about what you're saying (e.g. mentioning Sale of Goods Act) will often mollify sellers like scan and get them to do the right and proper thing.

  ezypcy 13:51 19 Jul 2006

Thanks dave_the_red for highlighting this company.
Yes your contract is very simply with Scan ,only
deal with them.
At present I use 4 different companies for buying
computer parts.In the past I have considered using
Scan ,but after reading about your problem,I won't.

I went onto their web site to read the 'Terms and
Conditions' and found it a bit vague.
For Example -
Subject to you complying with the voluntary code
for the return of goods we guarantee that the
goods will remain of satisfactory quality in
normal use for 3 months following delivery and
will refund the cost of the goods or credit the
cost of the goods or replace the goods in
accordance with timescale for return of the goods
set out in the voluntary code.


"complying with the voluntary code "....Well !

Many companies make it far easier to return faulty
goods by giving you a RMA -returned materials
(or merchandise) authorization -online form to fill in.
It looks like you need to get the 'OK' from Scan
first,before you a are granted the RMA request.

Top companies accept the goods,test them and if
they are found not to be faulty ,then you pay the
expenses.That's one of the things I look for
when buying online.

  HondaMan 14:54 19 Jul 2006

are wholly liable. Point out that they are in breach of the regulations. As the monitor is less than 6 months old, the law presumes it was faulty from the beginning. They have to replace/repair it.

If they still refuse, letters to head office and trading standards.

See here click here

  dave_the_red 15:23 19 Jul 2006

As i am in work i dont have much time to spare on the phone, i just tried to contact Scan and demand a replacement or repair and was on hold for 20 minutes. In the end i had to put the phone down because my boss did not look amused that i spent that much time on a personal call.

This is going to become a nightmare.

  silverous 15:40 19 Jul 2006

Just had a look at scan's site (I assume it is click here)

You can either fill in the form here:

click here

or you could fax them:

Main Fax Line: 0870-755-4787

I like the fax as you have put your grievances in writing. That way you can compose it in Word and you don't have to look like you are on the phone :)

  Ivor_Monkey 08:47 20 Jul 2006

For what6 it is worth, my advice is this.

Send an email (follwed ) by a phone call is necessary. For Urgent Attention of the Sales Manager.

Politely remind him/her that that your contract is with Scan and that they are liable for the goods. Since the goods are faulty, Scan have broken the terms of the contract. Secondly, for Scan to argue that they are not responsible and to try to pass responsibility to the manufacturer is a second breach of the contract that exists between you and scan. [It might also be a breach of the contract that Scan has with the manufacturer.]

Also point out that if this dispute is not resolved within 48 hours you will be reporting it to trading standards office and as importantly will be posting an update on forum, where a number of potential consumers are keenly monitoring developments. You will reserve the right to take legal action through the small claims court.

I suspect you will get the response you need.

  dave_the_red 10:05 20 Jul 2006

Right will try that Ivor as i have still not had a response to my email from yesterday.

Will post an update as soon as i hear anything.


  dave_the_red 12:08 20 Jul 2006

I have a result.

I have had a phonecall from Asus and they have arranged to come and pick up my monitor today and i will have a replacement delivered on Monday if it turns out it is faulty.

So at least it got sorted and it looks like maybe Scan were right and they do have a deal with Asus to deal directly with the customers.

So it looks like in fact it was Asus that were in the wrong for giving me the wrong information but at least they are quick with the collection etc.

So i am now happy with the outcome (even though i still have a feeling that regardless of there deal with Asus, Scan should still have sorted this for me).

Thanks for all your help all

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