Are Photo Prints Really Glossy ?

  Wilham 21:29 26 Jul 2004

My wife is fussy about my glossy prints. Her own pictures are taken with an APS film camera and are usually processed by Boots.

I use stills from my camcorder or my Olympus digital. I print them on a various makes of glossy paper described as suitable for inkjets.

My wife meticulously mounts selected prints from both of us in albums having protective film.

The other day I suggested she change from the APS to a digital Canon A80. "Oh no!" she said, and went on to explain the ways the prints I produced were inferior to her own; and why she had to use protective film mounting...

(i) They were not as glossy.

(ii)She couldn't pass them round hand to hand,- the surfaces were delicate, subject to finger-marks and scratches.

I was surprised, and I know better than to argue what must be fact.

Enter son-in-law...solid and matter-of-fact. Yes, he knows all about it, which is why he has all his digital photos done professionally, not at home.

So Wilham is quietly researching the problem and hopes to home-produce a shiny glossy print on his inkjet that will pass the fingering test and be tough as a Boots' glossy.

Any advice appreciated.

  terryr48 21:41 26 Jul 2004

Why not try boots digital print service 50 for £5.00- can't print them that cheap with a home printer- I've had several done and they don't look any different to film camera prints- got to be worth a fiver of anybodys money!

  Wilham 21:50 26 Jul 2004

terryr48: 50 for a fiver sounds great.

Will go that direction if I can't manage a diy job.

  james55 23:38 26 Jul 2004


You mention various types of paper, types of inks and printers come into the equation too.

The nearest I can get to a glossy picture is using an Epson printer, in my case a Photo 950.

I tend to just print A4 pictures and frame them, anything less I use Boots like terryr48.

I wish you luck with your crusade.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:47 27 Jul 2004

People still use prints rather than archiving onto CDs and displaying on a quaint. ;-)))


  TomJerry 01:54 27 Jul 2004

(1) Go to print some by Jessops/Boots and mix them with film ones, ask your wife's view again.

(2) Produce slides show with background music and burn to DVD and play it via a standard DVD player, ask your wife if film photo can do that. You can download full packages of Nero 30 days trial click here to help you produce movie slides show on dvd if you do not any any videoediting software to help you.

  Stuartli 09:37 27 Jul 2004

Many people still like to hand prints round, the fairer sex especially - it's also easier if you are visiting friends who don't happen to have a computer system or a DVD player.

Glossy prints normally provide higher reflectivity and therefore seem clearer and brighter.

  Stuartli 09:40 27 Jul 2004

If I remember rightly, the photo labs use exactly the same photo paper for digital prints as for film.

  Sans le Sou 09:54 27 Jul 2004

I have an Epson 895 which takes roll paper. This produces excellent photo prints which are nice and glossy. Only one problem - each print resembles a railway tunnel as the paper remembers it has been on a roll.

  accord 13:25 27 Jul 2004

I burnt a load of pictures taken at the weekend onto a cdrom which i can play in my DVD player as a slide show. The pictures on the tv screen were not as clear and crisp as on my TFT or on print. This is the first time i have tried this and probably the last.

As far as im concerned, if you want quality pictures, print them out.

I use an HP 5550 with Epsom Premium Glossy 6x4s or Kodak Ultima Picture paper 6x4s, printer set to 'normal' quality. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.

Wilham: What is the typical make of paper ypu are using, what printer do you have and what settings are you using???

  TomJerry 13:54 27 Jul 2004

If you want to show picture on TV via DVD player, you need to produce DVD movie from picture. Any video editing software has this function. If you do not have video editing software, you can try out photo2dvd click here (fullly working trial version). You have have many different facncy transition and also background music.

Try again before you give up the idea, I strongly recommend it. Once you try it, you will wonder why you did not do it before.

TV is not good to handle still image because the resloution is low. But TV use other trick such as interlace, progressive scan etc to fool people's eye for "nice" images.

Once you really into it, you can use software such as SonicMyDVD to produce excellent dynamic menus with it.

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