Are PC World losing the plot?

  spuds 13:14 31 Aug 2006

I have just made my weekly pilgrimage to one of the local PC World superstores. It would appear that a 'new face' is appearing, with more floor space being converted to wide screen television appliances and similar electronic goods.

There appears to be a great reduction of the books range and software products. Printers are spaced out, which give the appearance of stock shortages, and in general the PC feeling in PC World seems to be on the decline. Even the 'Bargain Corner' seems to have virtually disappeared.

Is this same occurrence happening with your local PC World store!.

I wonder if these changes, have anything to do with this PCW employee's comments click here

FE, feel free to delete or move to perhaps Speakers Corner, if you think necessary.Thanks.

  jaritch 16:46 31 Aug 2006


It wouldn't happen to be the Edinburgh Corstorphine Store you refer to as I was in there the other day and you describe the new layout precisely. If it wasn't then it looks like a countrywide change.

  961 19:28 31 Aug 2006

It must be the case that most folks are pretty geared up with computer stuff these days and, apart from the usual suspects, the stuff just doesn't go wrong and does go as fast as current software demands

On that basis, and bearing in mind the current desire of many (including me) to click on the nearest web site and have the stuff delivered, as cheap or cheaper, you can understand that stock turn in some of these pretty huge stores must be causing major problems

On the other hand, lcd and plasma flat screens are walking out of the door faster than the staff can bring the boxes in the back door. You can't really wonder when you see the result that you describe

  oresome 19:30 31 Aug 2006

I don't think PCW have lost the plot so much as they help write it.

DSGI stopped selling film cameras and analogue radios for example whilst there would probably still be some life left in these products if you could buy them.

There are now wide screen TV's in my local PCW store too.....probably better margins than PC's and move faster.

PC's are getting old hat and need a step change to promote interest again. (that's sure to create a reply or two)

  spuds 19:40 31 Aug 2006


Not in the Edinburgh area, but well south of the border. So it would appear to be a countrywide project that's in the making.

The particular store that I visited is situated on a large out of town complex, and next door but one is a large Currys store selling the same wide screen products at the same price, now there's competition and forward thinking!.

I wonder how TV World or Currys Digital sounds, as a name change, now that Dixon's have gone!.

  kinger 20:39 31 Aug 2006

They're pulling out of FreeTalk phone system too, I see.

  anskyber 20:46 31 Aug 2006

No, I think they are just staying relevant to the changing market.

  josie mayhem 21:37 31 Aug 2006

Been today to my local (to get my birthday pressie, a TFT screen and it's lovely) and yes it is having a refit, more TV's and other office items being added as well!

I brought a new Sony TFT, that they've just started to stock so it took it's time showing up on the till screen... So was having a chat with the lad serving us about the new lay out, and I had noticed that the componnents part had sort of gone none to be seen in the store. I enquired weather pcworld was only going to provide this via it web site.

I was releived when he said no they were still going to have it, he pointed out the empty space over the other side of the shop, saying that it should be sorted that night, and apparently they are going to have more products available...

I think it's a case they know that they need to compet with the net so are trying to diversify into some other area's of comsumables ect, you know the things we realise we need now and really can't wait for postie to arrive....

  anskyber 21:45 31 Aug 2006

Happy Birthday!

  spuds 11:33 02 Sep 2006

Had a further visit yesterday to the local PC world store. Appears to be even less PC stock, due to still re-organising of the store areas.

This brings to mind, a similar event about about 18 months ago, when PCW started to sell mobile telephones and accessories, which seemed to have had a failed sales rate. Why buy from PCW, when a Currys store plus a 'The Link' store was within easy walking distance of each other. This didn't include the local Argos, Asda,Comet, Sainsbury's store all selling similar products at the same price within the same shopping area.I note that 'The Link' is no longer on the DSG portfolio!.

Looks like internet buying will be the answer, and the days of look, feel, select and walk out the store with the new PC plaything could be a possible thing of the past!.

Time for a tick I think.

  1minute 12:03 02 Sep 2006

PCWorld are having hard times at the moment, mainly as Tescos, Sainsburys & othes are now selling PC's, Laptops & other asorted PC related goodies.
It's good for the consumer as it drives prices down. Even found my local woolies selling Laptops the other day!

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