Are The BBC allowed to advertise online???

  Scouse 20:32 21 Feb 2003

As a car enthusiast I have a regular look at the BBC Top Gear website click here but just check out the Ads, click on a couple of links on the page and see what I mean.

  mcullum_DX4Life 20:34 21 Feb 2003

i dont believe that they are as its BBCi - hmmmmm maybe this should be repoted!

  Scouse 20:42 21 Feb 2003

BBCi, as in "Information"???

Information is all for the good, but the emphasis is still on the "BBC".

  crx16 20:52 21 Feb 2003

this is the link to the BBCi top gear show click here

scouse's link is for 'Top Gear' magazine online,and the mag has been running for several years carrying ads.

  mikef™ 20:53 21 Feb 2003

They are the charter only prohibits them advertising on terrestrial TV and Radio , they are part owners of UK TV as well which does have advertising. Lets face it if they didn't have advertising an their web sites the license fee would be a great deal more and the excellent web site a lot poorer or non existent.

PS BBCi stands for BBC interactive.

  Coaster3 12:30 22 Feb 2003

Since the BBC gave me permission to download from BBC7 they can do no wrong!!

  Stuartli 13:39 22 Feb 2003

The BBC's commercial activites are enormous and play a considerable role in helping to keep the price of the licence down.

The main one is BBC Enterprises which raises, if I remember correctly, about £150m a year.

There is no point making highly commercial television and radio programmes, for instance, if you don't recoup some of the cost by selling them to other broadcasting companies or through retail outlets as video or DVD products; it's the same for the commercial television side.

The equivalent on the programmes side is the purchase of, for instance, American TV series by the BBC and other television companies.

  spuds 14:25 22 Feb 2003

The BBC are seeking further increases in licence fees for 2003.Perhaps more advertising, in line with other commercial company practises are needed.This may abolish licences altogether, for the general public.

  Scouse 14:54 22 Feb 2003

Maybe I am Old Fashioned but with the ever increasing cost of living I find the TV License one of the more annoying financial "Penalties" life demands.

As I am sure all users are aware, you cannot step out of the front door these days without having to pay. Parking, Council Tax, Congestion Charges, and a multitude of Taxes in various forms.

Independant Television has done OK without the need for excess fees, the BBC could have alot to learn. In this current time of "Information" being worth its weight in gold advertising puts ALOT of money into the various Media which displays its produce.

The big companies and corporations are the financial giants in this day and age, so lets hope that one day soon "Joe Public" can have a couple of extra quid in his wallet and let the big boys foot the bill.


With the advent of satellite tv, the revenue available from adverts is being spread pretty thin amongst the various commercial stations. If the BBC were alowed to carry adverts on terrestial tv i think some would go to the wall. There are regular reports of the steady decline in advertising revenue being suffered by ITV but that could in part be attributed to the quality of the programmes.

  jazzypop 15:13 22 Feb 2003

I'm not too sure what your problem is. As Stuartli and others have said, the BBC has a commercial arm, mainly designed to maximise revenue from 'our' assets, and therefore to keep the cost of the licence down and help Joe Public keep an extra couple of quid in his pocket.

There are paid-for adverts in the print edition of Top Gear magazine, and their equivalent on the website. Both help to keep costs down, and revenue up.

Why is that an issue for you? Or have I missed your point completely?

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