Archos 2 Week Email Wait

  bfoc 16:44 20 Jan 2005

Really just letting off steam I suppose.

Took delivery of an Archos Gmini220 on 18/1/05, mainly to use as a 'photo wallet' but also because it will record into MP3.

Seemed OK until I tried copying from the Compactflash card when it brought up a 'CF transfer error - contact technical support'. Did this and after giving them my serial number and confirming I had upgraded to the latest firmware, I was told I would need to email Tech Support who would supply me with a file to get it working. I did this immediately.

This morning, as I hadn't even received an automated response, I rang Tech Support again and was told that it would be upto 2 weeks before my email would be dealt with!

Two weeks of waiting to get a new device to do what it should have done, even when it is a 'known issue'?

I have contacted Archos UK and am awaiting a phone call back - how long will that be.

I sense another return coming up!

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