nella1 14:56 09 May 2008

I'm looking at a new computer up to £750.I'm not really up on specs apart from what I have read so comparisons are difficult for me.I don't do any gaming but I do a lot with photoshop, listen to music and have a low boredom threshold if things take too long to happen on the screen. I'm looking at Arbico CD 852O XL which is top of my price range. What is the difference between
'4 x 1GB Kingston OR Corsair 800Mhz PC6400 DDR2 Ram'?
Could I be changing anything to save me money if I don't use it for gaming?
Any help would be appreciated

  Joe R 16:31 09 May 2008


if you need 4Gb of ram, 2x2Gb sticks will be cheaper.

There would be little difference between Corsair or Kingston ram.

IMHO, 2 Gb is suffice for most computers at the minute.

  GaT7 16:55 09 May 2008

As you rightly guessed the 8800GT graphics card on the Arbico PC is way too much for your usage. Instead go for a Dell Inspiron 530 click here for £499 & save yourself a bundle. Take the 3Gb RAM upgrade for £20. The suggestion below is much better value though.

If you must spend more, then go for a bigger monitor, more hard disk space (if required), etc.

If your Dell order is £599 or over (excl VAT & delivery), you can get 10% off by entering this code at checkout - TJT8?WHNCW09DJ (expires 14/05 midnight). And go through Quidco click here to get a further 5% cashback.

So you could get this £629 PC click here with a QUAD-core CPU, 22" TFT, 3Gb RAM, 2600XT graphics & 640Gb HDD space for ~£550 after the discount & cashback. That saves you £200 & for a PC better suited to your needs. You could easily go for a lower spec & save even more money. I'd go for 3Gb RAM min, as it's so inexpensive these days. G

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