April PCA issue

  anchor 13:14 26 Feb 2004

This may be of interest to our Dairy Farm members, (I don`t know who else!).

Quote from PCA e-mail:

Udderly fantastic:
Milking the herd was once a hands-on and labour intensive job. Even modern automated systems have needed human intervention, that is, until now, we investigate the benefits of robotic milking.

Are you scraping the barrel PCA?; this article would be better placed in Farmers Weekly.

  Jester2K 13:17 26 Feb 2004

Thats what the missus said "Why are you reading a Farming Mag??"

  vinnyT 14:14 26 Feb 2004

I like the review of Panda Platinum Internet Security software on page 67 by Roger Gann.

Now in the space of a short article using the full title 3 or 4 times would have taken up too much space. So, naturally (like I would), he shortens it to Panda PIS, there are some gems in there for those of us with a juvanile (spelling?) sense of humour. Thanks, Roger

  Forum Editor 17:32 26 Feb 2004

Not really - from time to time we feel our readers might like something a little different, although still technology-related. An unrelieved diet of WinXP tips and hardware reviews needs the occasional hint of seasoning we think, and so we went down on the farm.

Did you read the article by the way?

  oresome 18:36 26 Feb 2004

I for one welcome the broader approach and like to be kept informed of related developments. As the Ed says, it makes a more interesting read.

  anchor 18:43 26 Feb 2004

No, I have not had time to read the article yet, but having no interest in modern methods in milking cows, I don`t think I will.

I, and probably many others, buy a computer magazine to learn more about computers, their hardware & software. If PCA continue go down this road, where will it end; possibly with customers buying alternative magazines?.

Perhaps a poll on the subject might give the editorial staff some ideas for changing the "unrelieved diet of WinXP tips and hardware reviews".

  The Spires 19:49 26 Feb 2004

I have herd it all before :-)

As Joey from 'Friends' once said, "It's a moo point"

  whatsupdoc 21:04 26 Feb 2004

please keep on broadening our horizons.

  MidgetMan 08:53 27 Feb 2004

This is just "milking" the subject now.:>)

  anchor 09:17 27 Feb 2004

Sometimes PCA ask me to give opinions on different cover designs; perhaps they should also ask opinions on content. Some might say that could be a "moo-t" point.

Anyway, I think its now about time to close this thread.

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