Approx cost of BT extension socket

  terry19 23:45 07 Jan 2006


A friend of mine wants to put her computer about 30 ft away from her telephone socket and I told her she would probably be better off having an extension socket installed by BT. Could anyone give me a rough idea of what the cost might be?


  Stuartli 23:54 07 Jan 2006

It would cost under £20 including the cable if you know someone who is handy with such work.

BT will charge a vastly larger sum...:-)

Is it for broadband or dialup. You can buy a telephone extension cable for around a fiver to run from the main socket (hide it under the carpet or skirting board) and a data type for broadband could be run in the same way. It cost me £7.59 for a 10 metre BB data cable.

Don't forget that with broadband you will require a splitter (ADSL filter) for the main socket; a phone extension cable could be used from a double adapter.

  terry19 00:14 08 Jan 2006

Thanks for that. It's for Broadband and I could do the job for her but her father want's a professional job doing. No loose cables on show or unnecessary disturbance etc. She has to pay and was wondering what the cost might be.


  sharkfin 01:36 08 Jan 2006

I recall asking about the price of an extension and as I remember BT quoted roughly £115 I think.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:32 08 Jan 2006

Sharkfin is correct; BT took a line from our downstairs office to upstairs and charged the best part of £150.

To be fair to them, the engineer did an excellent job and the wires are hidden. So much so, when I came in to see if it was done I thought that he hadn't been.

So it all depends on what you think it's worth and how tidily you can do it.

  Stuartli 10:12 08 Jan 2006

I did say that BT would be vastly dearer - it charges £50 + VAT for a basic call out (at least that was the charge at the last count).


I'm quite sure that you could do a "professional" job. It's hardly that difficult hiding a length of cable and you certainly wouldn't know mine had been done.

The only evidence of a cable is where you have to link up the modem's lead to it and even that's out of view under my desk....:-)

  Hamish 10:24 08 Jan 2006

Why not consider going wireless. For information only click here

  grumpy old git 12:01 08 Jan 2006

If you are reasonably 'handy' you can easily do it yourself, get her father to help! If a ready made extension is not acceptable then buy a length of telephone cable, cable insertion tool and a recessed box and socket from your local hardware store, should not cost more than a few pounds. Connect the wires 'like with like'. The connection colour coding is as follows should you get stuck.

1 green/white .... spare
2 blue/white ..... speech circuit
3 orange/white ... bell circuit
4 white/orange ... earth recall
5 white/blue ..... speech circuit
6 white/green .... spare

You do not need to know what the circuits are just stick to connecting like with like.

On the other hand if you think a screwdriver is an alcoholic drink then perhaps she should pay a professional.

  spuds 12:32 08 Jan 2006

B&Q or similar will supply the complete installation kit for less than a tenner. A simple case of plugging in and making the connections,no technical knowledge required.

  spuds 12:34 08 Jan 2006

NB- Don't forget the filters.

  dmc727 13:33 08 Jan 2006

“want's a professional job doing. She has to pay......”

Accept there is an easy DIY job here but if you go the BT route I would replace the old style BT master linebox (illegal to change it yourself) and have a new master linebox fitted - shouldn’t add much more to the bill.

Looks like this:click here

It gives you a separate broadband (filtered) socket plus a separate phone socket - no need for any more filters around the house.

Just ask BT for a NTE5 linebox , the BT-installed NTE5 has their logo stamped on it.

Broadband is here to stay as they say.

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