Appreciate the Help To Buying Speakers

  User-1220534 22:31 14 Jan 2008

I did some research and i found the following speakers. i would buy one but am not sure if i should worry about the make.

Sweex 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker System 175W
click here

Creative Labs SBS 380 Speaker System
click here but apparently bass is no good.

TRUST 2.1 Speaker Set SP-3450Z
click here

LandSound 2.1 Multimedia Speakers - 35W RMS
click here

Please tell me which you prefer or recomend any other product

thank you

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:34 14 Jan 2008

To be truthful, for the price you are paying, you are not going to get very good ones.....I have had a few Creative speakers and they have all been good and judging by the reviews they would appear to be the better bet of the bunch.


  Devil Fish 01:42 15 Jan 2008

have to agree with GANDALF <|:-)>
creative are about the best of the bunch
but if you want serious quality you are going to be looking at the £50 plus mark

  User-1220534 13:23 15 Jan 2008

thanks for the reply guys. i just bought a pc and a monitor for £700 so cant spend more than £20 on speakers. and creative is pretty good but no BASS. am not sure what that is actually and if i need it when playing high end games.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:33 15 Jan 2008

'the speakers are awsome the bass is brill actually it sounds great' the reviews on the creative. For less than £20 you are not going to get great bass. click here


  Totally-braindead 13:40 15 Jan 2008

I have to agree with the others, spend little and thats what you will get.

If you really want to do it on the cheap and you have an old hifi lying about you could perhaps use that connected to your sound card. I used to do this and it wasn't bad.

  lisa02 13:41 15 Jan 2008

I bought a set of Logitech x140 speakers (2.0) and they are more than adequate for general PC use, including games.

£14.99 on

  User-1220534 13:57 15 Jan 2008

thanks for all the advice and be sure that i read all reviews on all speakers i listed earlier. i think am going to buy the creative GANDALF.

  User-1220534 16:15 15 Jan 2008

hey lisa02, can you pls tell me if the speakers you bought work on Vista

  lisa02 16:29 15 Jan 2008


  User-1220534 16:50 15 Jan 2008

I think i found the excited
Creative Inspire A300
click here

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