Appalling Evesham customer service

  reddwarfcrew 16:24 17 May 2003

I have copied below an email I have sent to evesham regarding an appalling attempt to buy a new PC from them. I hope no-one else has the problems I have been having.

Order # EVEWEB020023


I ordered the above PC from yourselves on 18/04/03.

I then received an email on 30/04/03 stating that my credit card had been declined. I contacted Barclaycard immediately and they said that there had not been any attempt to collect the payment and therefore they hadn't declined anything. I then immediately phoned evesham and explained this. They told me that it was probably a slightly incorrect address.

After about 6 phone calls and a couple of e-mails (all initiated by myself), the payment finally appeared on my online Barclaycard statement under awaiting authorisation on about 06/05/03.

I continued to check my online Barclaycard statement and on 14/05/03 it had completely disappeared. I rang Barclaycard and they said because they hadn't recieved the voucher from evesham the payment had passed its expriy date and thats why it was no-longer showing.

I rang evesham immediately and explained all of the above, the person told me that their records were showing that the payment was authorised and received and that the PC was built and would be shipped on 17/05/03. I said 'are you sure' and also stated that it looked like they'd need to raise the payment again, but they said everything was okay and that the PC would definitely be delivered on 17/05/03.

I have now just rang to check if it is do be delivered today and surprisingly enough, its not. I have now wasted a hell of a lot of my time and spent the whole of today waiting for a PC that's not arriving, even though I was promised faithfully it would.

This is getting very frustrating, especially as I am having to do all the communication, this falls way short of your reputation that you have gained (I am also a repeat customer - WO00727065 is the serial number of my current PC and the order no was EVWB001806).

The problem is that I am being severly messed around and I have now agreed a sale of my current PC, so will soon be PCless, which is a situation I can't afford to be in.

Please can you resolve this issue.

I hope that this situation can be resolved so that my faith in your customer service can be restored and I can continue to praise you on the PCAdvisor web forum. Since my first purchase 3 years ago, I have recommened you to about 6 other people who have made purchases from you. I hope this can continue.


  Forum Editor 17:01 17 May 2003

a fairly simple mistake over payment collection, and I'm sure it will soon be resolved. It's annoying, but it does sometimes happen, and to be honest,it's usually the result of the system failing safe - to protect you, the cardholder.

It might have been better to wait until Evesham respond to your email - it's Saturday after all, and you're not likely to get an answer until Monday at the earliest.

  reddwarfcrew 17:14 17 May 2003

You're probably right, but after spending 4 weeks of having to do all the chase up phone calls and being promised that it would come today, I really am not best pleased at the mo.

Things do go wrong and 99.9% of the time evesham seem to get it right which is a hell of a lot better than other companies.

It looks as though I'm the 0.1%.

  Forum Editor 17:34 17 May 2003

when you don't have your computer though, and I can imagine how frustrated you must feel.

I'm sure that Monday will bring better news - let us have an update will you?

  bfoc 17:45 17 May 2003

Emailing Evesham on [email protected].

I'm sure they will get in touch quickly if you do, that has been the experience of people here, myself included.

As the FE rightly says it sounds as though the Credit card systems, designed to protect against fraud, are not working to your benefit, but I am surprised that Evesham have not been chasing the matter.

It is very frustrating when you have to 'make all the running'.

  reddwarfcrew 18:05 17 May 2003

The email did go to the pcadvisor address (I'd mailed their cust care address last week, but no one bothered to reply).

I have since had a phone call on receipt of the mail to the pcadvisor address and they say they will look into it on monday as they can't access the systems today.

we shall see what happens.

If it was another company I would have cancelled the order by now, but I have faith that evesham will make things right (I hope).

Its good that we have this forum and companies presence here. The fact that evesham want to have a presence here is a good sign in the first place.

  bfoc 20:06 17 May 2003

Any company who has an active presence on this Forum and seems to reslove things will certainly be one I would consider in the future!

Do keep us udated, I'm sure, on my experience, they will try to get matters sorted! Just check in the latest mags whether 'next' months prices have dropped, you just might get a 'benefit' from having to wait a somewhat longer!

  Evesham Support 09:20 19 May 2003

We are sorry to hear of the problems you seem to be experiencing with your order. Further to our telephone conversation with you on Saturday, we will provide you with a full response to your e-mail shortly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.

Kind regards

Consumer Support

Evesham Technology

  reddwarfcrew 17:31 19 May 2003

Evesham phone back about 4pm today to say the problem was resolved and that the PC could be delivered when I wanted (unfortunatley I can't get out of work, so sat 24th will have to do).

They didn't explain what had gone wrong and I didn't have time to ask being at work.

I will leave this open until saturday.

  reddwarfcrew 15:34 24 May 2003

Well PC arrived today. Still no sign of the payment on my credit card.

Maybe they've given it me for free as a good gesture. Well I can dream.

If they don't process the payment soon, they will hit more problems as my current CC expires in a few weeks.

Well at least I have my PC. watch out for the XP questions coming soon!!

  powerless 14:20 08 May 2004

Umm was this last year? It would appear this has popped up from the history folder, even without me typing this.


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