Appalling DELL Customer Service

  Dendmar 12:31 29 Jul 2007

On 17 July contacted Dell regarding the failed HDD in my Inspiron 9300 Laptop. Started well after diagnostic call they agreed my HDD had failed. I had purchased a 3year on site warranty (expires Nov 2008) so I requested for the next day engineer call out to fix. They said that HDD, Key boards & DVD Drives are customer replaceable. I said this information was not told to me when they sold me the warranty – “anything goes wrong a Dell engineer would come and fix it”.

Anyway, I am capable of putting in a HDD and restoring so for ease I said OK send out a replacement Drive. I was phoned on Wednesday 18 July saying it would be delivered by courier between 9 – 5pm on Friday 20 July. I waited all day and at 4.45pm I phoned that it had not arrived. They could not understand it but wait until Monday 23 July.

Monday it did not arrive; numerous phone calls at my expense; asked them to phone back but didn’t. Eventually spoke to Ireland (all others had been to India – polite but don’t seem to know anything) where a customer Service rep said they had cocked up the order but it would be delivered by Tuesday 24 July. In the meantime he offered a compensation of a 2Gig pen drive and informed me that they were sending a System Disk to enable the restore.

Yes, the HDD did not arrive on Tuesday; more phone calls – no one I spoke to could understand the problem but said I would be getting it and the order had been placed. No delivery Wednesday, Thursday or Friday 27 July. However my System Disk and Pen Drive did arrive but not the most important item.

Their opening hours on the phone are only Monday to Friday so more expensive calls to be made Monday 30 July.

I am now at a loss of what more I can do. Despite having the next day warranty I have been without the Lap Top for nearly 2 weeks. I have discovered everything is over the phone; they do not apparently have a Complaints department.

Is Dell trying to go out of business? Good equipment but non-existent Customer service.

Please, can anyone out there advise me on who to contact or what action I can take. I am seriously considering Court action but to whom and where?

  Crash 12:48 29 Jul 2007

Had the same problem when I rang customer service to get restore disks sent out. It took about a month to get them and they said they tried to send them out 3 times and they must have got lost in the post. I eventually received them when they sent them out via courier, I had to ring up, complain and explain the disapointment in not receiving them and the tech guy said he would take ownership of the problem and I would receive them the next day and he even rang the next day to see if they arrived and if he could help at all. When you ring explain that you expect more from Dell and that someone needs to take ownership of the problem.

  spuds 19:35 29 Jul 2007

If you paid for a 3 year on-site warranty, then that is what you want. It is not for a customer to dismantle and repair their own laptop's,as Dell customer services seems to suggest. Laptops are not as straightforward as a desktop, and many things can go wrong, which may void the warranty completely, if the customer was involved. Sometimes in the case of laptop's, the seller may request that the laptop is sent back to base for repair, at their cost. Whatever,you are covered by Consumer laws, especially the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 (as amended) for a start.If you paid for the laptop by credit card or computer finance, then you may have a possible further claim against the finance provider under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (as amended).

Get in touch with Consumer Direct for further advice click here They will tell you how to proceed.

  project 90 03:32 30 Jul 2007

just tell them you want a refund and are seeking legal advice off a solicitor that usually scares them into doin something.

had a similar problem when my brother spent £1600 on a desktop that would play games properly and they were saying it was the games

eventually got the full £1600 back and he bought a mesh pc which was miles better

  FatboySlim71 10:48 30 Jul 2007

I totally agree with spuds; if you have purchased an on site warranty then that is what you should get. It should not be up to the customer to do the work; what would happen if the customer had NO knowledge of computer maintenance; which I bet a lot of people will fall into this category. This is disgusting customer service from DELL.

  Dendmar 20:06 30 Jul 2007

Contacted Dell today - full of apologies and say that the HDD will be delivered tomorrow. This is the fifth promise of delivery. I agree with the comments regarding the on site warranty but they still say no - how on earth can I enforce it? The only point of contact is the phone - to India, won't connect me to Ireland and they ignore E-Mails.

Perhaps the FE could assist - they advertise a lot in the Mag.

  Woolwell 23:50 30 Jul 2007

The last time that I had a problem I used the on-line Customer Care form. It is important that you take careful note of your case number (complaint case number) and you should be able to refer to your laptop by its service tag number.

Agree with the others about on site. But is the HDD easily removable? Having said that I don't understand their comment about the keyboard - do it yourself on a laptop? I wouldn't like to do that.

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